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Will my soul…


Today I am soooo happy !! This is because I managed to find a song I’ve been looking on for several months….I only knew the rhythm, and the band, so it was pretty hard to find, as I was looking for a special live version.

It’s Stratovarius – Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace. I cannot define very well why it is so close to my heart right now, might be the rhythm (it’s a ballad), might be the lyrics, might be Timo’s voice or all of them altogether.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space available right now to upload the song for you to download, but I will do this in the near future. Meanwhile, here are the lyrics.

Few words about Stratovarius: they are a Finnish power metal band, founded in the late 80′s, with most of they successful albums being released in the 90′s. I can’t say I find them very special, but this song really has something.