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Diana Krall
I was in my office (former office, that is) about 2 years ago, in a late evening, just me and one of the companies partners. Even though we were quite some distance away, when I first heard the voice in the track it was playing on his computer, I quickly jumped from my seat to find out who that is.

This was the start of a beautiful love affair I have since then with Diana Krall. It was her beautiful, educated and powerful voice that surprised, thrilled and excited me in the beginning. And the feelings have not changed ever since.

Diana Krall is a Canadian jazz singer, who, as many others great jazz player, started its musical activity early…at the age of four. But it was only until the age of fifteen when she started playing regularly, in restaurants.

You see, this amazes me in Jazz… Artists have go get through a long period of learning, practicing and personal development before actually starting to be noticed by the public. While in commercial music, you just need a summer hit (and usually, voice, skill or talent is obsolete).

It was only at the age of 29 (after 25 years of music!!) when she released her first album, Stepping Out. 2 years later followed another album, and so she kept on going, having today about 10 albums, a great amount of live concerts and numerous collaborations with musicians all over the world.

She was one of the very few to cover a Tom Waits song (Tom is notorious for his aversion towards covers, lending his music for commercials and so on), Temptation. The cover instantly reached 1st position in the Jazz charts, being one of the many formal recognitions Diana received for her talent and dedication.

Diana received several Grammy awards (Album Of The Year, Best Jazz Vocal Performance and Best Engineered Album Non Classical in 2000), National Jazz and Juno awards, and more (even one MTV award). Also, she has 4 Platinum and 7 Gold Albums.

But more important (maybe), are some acknowledgements which are not that familiar in the musical world, like the Order of British Columbia, Order of Canada and Honorary PHD from Victoria Univ.

Well, these are mostly the facts. But the passion behind those facts, the sweet delight you can hear while listening to her and the calmness in her songs cannot be matched by anything.

So, to the Diana Krall and to the Vocal and Piano Jazz fans, here she is, Diana Krall:

Diana Krall – When i look in your eyes
Video sent by mihaibotea

No downloads, just listen and go buy the album. It’s really worth it !

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Este surprinzator pentru a a umbla pentru
a pedepsi iest site web si citirea punctele de fantasma ale tuturor prietenilor cu aspect la acest paresimi, in durata ce eu sunt,
de , cuprins de zel de a ispitire.

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