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Switching to WordPress


After the recent switch to Neogen, I also decided to switch to WordPress. This is why you now see a different design. But you also see some nice functionalities, like Categories, which blogger did not support previously.

As I promissed to some people I would share my experiences with WordPress, let’s make a quick “executive summary” :)

- Installation – very easy, just under 5 minutes, like they say in their presentation.
- Interface – very easy to work with, lot of functionalities that come handy.
- Support – bad. Even though I would expect a the big wordpress community to write various FAQ and articles about everything, it seems they did not manage to properly cover even the basic things, like troubleshooting on the import. Even though I did everything they said, the import from blogger just didn’t work. So I wimported everything manually :(
- Templates – quite hard to edit, it’s more like PHP, so a simple HTML “beginner” like myself had a hard time adjusting the template. This is why I decided for a more out-of-the-box one, with some minor changes.
- Functionality – well, it supports almost everything you need, from Categories to Plug-ins, from Users management to password-protection for posts and comments and so on. You really have to play around with it to get a feeling of everything.

Well, it’s time to get back to tweaking now, so I will update this after some more testing of what wordpress can and can’t do.

Did you experience any problems so far with it? What should I be careful about ?

P.S. Thanks, Christina, for the help!

When beauty and talent come together…


Carla Bruni …you name them Carla Bruni. So beautiful you can easily fall for her in less than 15 seconds, so talented that you can easily ask her for marriage, and so beautiful and talented you wonder if it’s really true.

Another love story, just like the Diana Krall one, started out when Irina opened my ears to her music and my eyes to her beauty (Thanks, fata!)

Comming from quite a rich family, she was born in France and, due to her beauty (and fame), in 1988 she was one of the best-payed models around the world.

Carla Bruni – Raphael
Video sent by mihaibotea

She worked for designers such as Valentino, Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Chanel, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent. After several affairs with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and others, she finally married Raphael Enthoven. Maybe this is the reason why one of her best songs is called Raphael.

She quit the fashion stage in 1998 and in 2002 she released her greatest success so far, the Quelqu’un m’a dit album.

Here you can listen to the Raphael song, which is one of her best in my opinion.

I’m not an addict


No, I am not a snowboard addict. No, I did not wake up this morning dreaming about Austrian slopes. No, I do not regret I did not stay one day longer. No, I am not smiling everytime I see the boots in the hallway (thanks, Calin!).

And all of the above are just lies.

I am. And music on the slope just makes it better. And if the B&O headphones make music better (and they do!!), then B&O will definetely join me on the slope.

I promised to share the experience, and here it is:
- first of all, the comfort is great. Even under extreme conditions (yes, one might fall, specially with shitty rented boots…), I did not even feel them, I was just hearing music and felt like singing.
- the sound quality is great. At one point, I thought the music was playing on the entire slope and I stopped to look if it’s true. It wasn’t, it was from the sublime iPod + B&O headphones combination.

And another great thing is the music that can be heard at Rossignol, in Poiana Brasov. It’s a great clubbing / house / close-to-rave music which just makes you move. And together with the hot wine, they also make a great pair :)

Too bad it was some ice on the slope, too bad there are lot of people not looking where they are going / sliding and too bad it was so short.

But there are only 5 days left ’till the next weekend :)


Searching for musicblog, you can easily find a very nice project, started by EMI and Pixelfury, called is a platform offering various artists a space to start their own blog in order to communicate with their fans.

Even though the initiative might not sound that innovative, it is worthwhile to mention that David Gilmour has a blog over at And the blog is really worthwile visiting, updated regularly, with nice information and a very clear and rich writing style.

Also, The Doves are worthwhile to visit.