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Welcome back. Thanks, Bob !


I really want to start this post with a big Thank You and Congrats to Bob Geldorf, for his great initiative on the Live 8 concert.

Apart from being a great musical manifesto, apart from being an extraordinary effort to put together and organize in such an excellent manner, he managed to get together some of the guys who had a deep impact on me and my musical taste….. Pink Floyd.

Not being able to see it live, I watched today 20 minutes of that concert, where Roger Waters (63 y.o), David Gilmour (60 y.o), Nick Mason (62) and Rick Wright (61) managed to put together a great show, despite being officialy separated as a band and having a certain age….few could perform live in such conditions and with such deep passion.

Pink Floyd have not performed together since almost 25 years now and I was thinking it should take a miracle to see them back again. And seing them, specially with that “No More Excuses” banner above the stage, really made my day (actually…evening).

Even though they denied any plans of reuniting (David Gilmour recently declared “I think I’ve had enough. I am 60. I don’t want to work much anymore. It’s an important part of my life, I have had enormous satisfactions, but now it’s enough. It’s much more comfortable to work on my own“), they still have a rich solo career. You should be looking forward for Gilmour’s future album, “On An Island“, which should be released in early March and Waters’ album “Heartland”, to be released in the first part on this year.

Finally, some Pink Floyd trivia for your passionates:
- Longest track – Shine on you crazy diamond, 25:40, split in 2 parts.
- The Delicate Sound Of Thunder is the first rock music to be played outside of Planet Earth, when some cosmonauts took the cassette with them in a mission.
- The cough in the beginning of Wish Your Are Here song made David Gilmour quit smoking :)
- As a sign of appreciation, Pink Floyd have an asteroid named after them. It is located between Mars and Jupiter

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