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Great service brings great experiences


I finally managed to get my hands-and-eyes on the Led Zeppelin Live in 1973 DVD. I wanted to get this for quite some time now, and I went quite happy when the “let me know when it is bak in store” alert service from Videomax sent me an SMS to announce me.

First of all, I must say Videomax is great. The site is has a high usability, the ordering system is simple and effective, and their service is great. They come and bring you the stuff, they come and take it from you, and the prices are extremely resonable. As a Christian said yesterday, “you can’t get this good service in Germany”. Finally, we are better at something. And the feeling of getting the DVD delivered in the Lounge while having a beer in it’s awesome !

Next, it came the experience of watching it. Even though it was so late in the night, after over 14 hours of work and even though we did not manage to see it all, I really apreciated the live performance of one of the greatest rock bands of all times.

With a simple show (no match for the Pink Floyd ones), classical songs and quite a nice performance, “The Songs Remains The Same” proved to be a real must-see. Highly recommended !