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I’m not an addict


No, I am not a snowboard addict. No, I did not wake up this morning dreaming about Austrian slopes. No, I do not regret I did not stay one day longer. No, I am not smiling everytime I see the boots in the hallway (thanks, Calin!).

And all of the above are just lies.

I am. And music on the slope just makes it better. And if the B&O headphones make music better (and they do!!), then B&O will definetely join me on the slope.

I promised to share the experience, and here it is:
- first of all, the comfort is great. Even under extreme conditions (yes, one might fall, specially with shitty rented boots…), I did not even feel them, I was just hearing music and felt like singing.
- the sound quality is great. At one point, I thought the music was playing on the entire slope and I stopped to look if it’s true. It wasn’t, it was from the sublime iPod + B&O headphones combination.

And another great thing is the music that can be heard at Rossignol, in Poiana Brasov. It’s a great clubbing / house / close-to-rave music which just makes you move. And together with the hot wine, they also make a great pair :)

Too bad it was some ice on the slope, too bad there are lot of people not looking where they are going / sliding and too bad it was so short.

But there are only 5 days left ’till the next weekend :)


Searching for musicblog, you can easily find a very nice project, started by EMI and Pixelfury, called is a platform offering various artists a space to start their own blog in order to communicate with their fans.

Even though the initiative might not sound that innovative, it is worthwhile to mention that David Gilmour has a blog over at And the blog is really worthwile visiting, updated regularly, with nice information and a very clear and rich writing style.

Also, The Doves are worthwhile to visit.

B&O Headphones


After making a few “is-it-worth-it, is-it-not-worth-it” calculations, today I could not resist it anymore and I went downstairs….To the B&O store. I knew exactly what I came for and nothing could haved stopped me. Well, almost nothing.

I asked for them, I tested them (BeoCenter 2 is also great, even though the volume control is a little slow in response) and now I am the proud owner of a fine set of B&O A8 earphones.

So, what do they offer so special for that $150 ?

B&O A8 EarphonesThe Sound. First of all, the sound. It is crystal clear, it is very relaxing, not disturbing at all, it inspires a state of calmness and quality when you hear it. I compared them to my original iPod earphones and, even though the iPod ones were great, these are absolutely briliant.

- The comfort. The are really very comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, and they are not painful after several hours of use, like usualy in-ear headphones are. Being manufactured from aluminium, they are very light, which is something you really come to appreciate if you plan to use them extensively. Anyway, the final test will come on Saturday, when I hope they won’t keep falling while snowboarding, like the wiped ones did :)

- The service. Maybe I was they only client they had today, or maybe the guy was in a very good mood, but the service was great! He didn’t even needed for me to ask about testing, he offered right away, he let me take my time with it, he offered a complete brochure with all the other equipment, neatly presented the handsfree and so on. Great customer service I can say !

B&O A8 EarphonesOverall, great sound quality, very good comfort, I really cannot find anything to complain about. They are really worth all the money !

So, it’s time to get back and enjoy music through the A8s. The only bad thing is that now my home music system is going to get soooo jealous :)

P.S. Another great thing is the warning in the user manual – While most manufacturers say that a high volume will cause damaging of the headset, B&O warns you that “Prolonged listening at a high volume might cause hearing damages”. Hopefully, my ears will last long enough for the A8s.

Deadly combination


Erik Schrody, former frontman of House of Pain is currently known as Everlast. This might be not much of a news, and neigher be one of his tracks which, upon hearing, immediately captured my attention.

Deadly Assassins
Video sent by mihaibotea

I am reffering to the Deadly Assassins track, where he makes a duo with B-Real, from Cypress Hill.

Well, it’s just a great combination in my opinion. A deadly combination, so to say.

Listen and provide feedback.

P.S. Actually, Everlast has some great songs on his “Eat at Whitey’s” album. Worth gining it a try.

Let’s face the music…and dance


Diana Krall
I was in my office (former office, that is) about 2 years ago, in a late evening, just me and one of the companies partners. Even though we were quite some distance away, when I first heard the voice in the track it was playing on his computer, I quickly jumped from my seat to find out who that is.

This was the start of a beautiful love affair I have since then with Diana Krall. It was her beautiful, educated and powerful voice that surprised, thrilled and excited me in the beginning. And the feelings have not changed ever since.

Diana Krall is a Canadian jazz singer, who, as many others great jazz player, started its musical activity early…at the age of four. But it was only until the age of fifteen when she started playing regularly, in restaurants.

You see, this amazes me in Jazz… Artists have go get through a long period of learning, practicing and personal development before actually starting to be noticed by the public. While in commercial music, you just need a summer hit (and usually, voice, skill or talent is obsolete).

It was only at the age of 29 (after 25 years of music!!) when she released her first album, Stepping Out. 2 years later followed another album, and so she kept on going, having today about 10 albums, a great amount of live concerts and numerous collaborations with musicians all over the world.

She was one of the very few to cover a Tom Waits song (Tom is notorious for his aversion towards covers, lending his music for commercials and so on), Temptation. The cover instantly reached 1st position in the Jazz charts, being one of the many formal recognitions Diana received for her talent and dedication.

Diana received several Grammy awards (Album Of The Year, Best Jazz Vocal Performance and Best Engineered Album Non Classical in 2000), National Jazz and Juno awards, and more (even one MTV award). Also, she has 4 Platinum and 7 Gold Albums.

But more important (maybe), are some acknowledgements which are not that familiar in the musical world, like the Order of British Columbia, Order of Canada and Honorary PHD from Victoria Univ.

Well, these are mostly the facts. But the passion behind those facts, the sweet delight you can hear while listening to her and the calmness in her songs cannot be matched by anything.

So, to the Diana Krall and to the Vocal and Piano Jazz fans, here she is, Diana Krall:

Diana Krall – When i look in your eyes
Video sent by mihaibotea

No downloads, just listen and go buy the album. It’s really worth it !

Dailymotion testing…


Let’s face the music and dance
Video sent by mihaibotea

This is a test for my new Dailymotion account.

I might use this to upload music files for everybody to listen to.

What do you think of the playback quality of Dailymotion?

Bad news is good news


Those of you who are regular visitors of this blog (heh, who am I kidding, I am the only one :D) might have noticed that yesterday the blog returned an Apache installation message instead of the usual great posts aroung here.

Well, this was mainly because of switching the hosting, which proved to be not that of a technical problem, but more of a communication management issue between the 2 involved companies (Connex and Neogen), which I had to solve.

This was the bad news.

The good news is that now it works (if you see this post, it really works) and now I have more storage space and is working better (even though without a proper admin interface, but this will come soon).

So what do we do with this space?

Well, first of all, here is some music for you to enjoy (please don’t download and use, just listen, in order not to break the copyright laws :D). And wordpress will probably come soon.

Enjoy the following:
StratovariusWill My Soul Ever Rest in Peace
Pearl JamEven Flow
Deathcab For Cutie- The Sound Of Settling
Carla BruniRaphael

Please provide feedback after listening :)