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On An Island


Officially released one week ago, David Gilmour’s album we’ve all been waiting for (well, I have, since the beginning of the year) is now in stores … and in my headphones.

The sound is excelent, reminds me of Pink Floyd (I cannot forget the roots…), but it has something clearly distinctive. It inspires a state of peace of mind, just like being on an island. The album shows a calm, positive sound and inspires the state of a man who is happy, relaxed and peaceful with his life.

The album has been released on the same day David celebrated 60 years of age. What a nice gift to himself :) Even more, right after the release, the album jumped on 1st position in UK Charts and is already Gold in other European Countries as well.

The album features collaborations with a lot of performers, some of them ex-Pink Floyd (like Richard Wright, who will also join on tours). Still, no credits shown to Roger Waters….

My personal favourite track from this album is This Heaven, which you can get from here. Overall, the whole album is a wonderful listening experience, so I strongly suggest you buy it.

Final Note: Check David Gilmour’s blog for learning more about live experiences of this album.

[EDIT]: Download no longer available, for more info please contact us at admin @ musicblog . ro

Tommorow’s news


Do you remember that TV series with the guy who received, every day, tommorow’s newspaper and was trying to save the bad things from hapenning ?

Well, this is what I felt like this morning when I say the news not only for tommorow, but until Thursday !

Here you are an excerpt. Let’s make the world better !

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