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I recently came across this band, called Kudu. Their style is quite hard to be defined (something between electro, pop, alternative and dance), but they sound so good that it needs no definition in the end.

All their albums have something to make you move and it is quite hard to stop listening them. Which proves that creating addiction can generate good sales :)

Today, 14 March, they are officially releasing a new album, called “Death of the Party“. Hopefully, I will get it soon, too, and share some of it. Speaking of which, as I’ve been “criticized” for too few songs available for download, here you are…

Kudu – Suite Life.

Enjoy !

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Nice, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the beats and lyrics, but not the vocal delivery.

As for downloads, *I* have no complaints. Even one or two songs is enough for me to decide whether to investigate further on my own.

Maybe others would be satisfied with links to torrent networks or something? I suspect you might not want to show up on the radar for providing too much content via the web.

Humble future request: More muzica romaneasca!

Yes, hopefully the authorities will be understanding that I do not intend to do any harm on the copyright :)

I tried the digitalmotion stuff, but it seems there are some problems with it….so this is why I switched back to the good old download.

I don’t use torrents, so I cannot provide any.

I noted the remark for more Romanian music. Will come.

“I don’t use torrents, so I cannot provide any.”

Uh… yeah… like, me too… or something. ;]

Blah! Gah, dude how can you say I criticized you? For shame.
I don’t think you can find Kudu on torrents yet. I mean, I didn’t.
But try Jabberwalker.
Kudu is not my cup of tea really but they are original in a way that isn’t obtrusive to my ears, much. But some things that haven’t been done before haven’t been done because of a reason.

Agree, still, there are a lot of thinks which have been done and have been done very well, just that we don’t know them….yet.

Hopefully, this blog will help you discover some new and interesting things :)

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