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Tapinarii…best served live


Last year it was probably the last time I went to Stufstock, or a least the last time in that formula….too crowded, too many stupid / rude people, too much litter and so on.

Still, I enjoyed it for having the opportunity to listen to 3 of my favourite Romanian bands: Florin Chilian (not realy a band, I know), Tapinarii and Urma. Even though they are quite close in style, each of them has a different meaning and insipres me different feelings.

I like Chilian for the spiritual and witty lyrics, together with the nice sound, I like Urma for the profound lyrics and for Byron’s voice and I like Tapinarii for their unique approach, sometimes funny lyrics and the “get-away-from-it-all” feeling I get while listening to their music and imagining the empty (as in October – empty) beach in VV. And I also like them for both (Covei and Tanase) pretending to be some genies, just like myself :).

Tapinarii released 5 albums so far, out of which my personal favourite is the fourth one, “Ultimul Super Erou“. Still, as the title of this post says, I think it is best to listen to them live….which reminds me I gave the awful habit of always forgetting / not finding out in time about their concerts.

The last Tapinarii concert has been today (14.03) and I only found out at 23:00, when it was too late…Next one – in Bucharest – is on 1st of April in Yellow Pub. Hopefully, you can find me there. You can find out more about concert dates and info on the band on A very interactive site, as it is a 100% forum :)

In the end, I though a lot if puttin up a song for download or not….eventually, here it is. Still, before you download, I strongly (and I mean STRONGLY) suggest you buy the original copy of the album(s). For two reasons: 1) sounds better on CD quality and 2) Maybe 15 EUR spent on a Shakira album won’t make her significantly richer, but 5 EUR on a Tapinarii might mean something to them, at least moral support, for sure !

Enjoy Tapinarii – Doi Bani.