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Today I moved to the new house….which is what I can call a dream come true. Lot of space, great design, great arrangements and everything that comes with it.

Actually, the process turned out much better than I expected, we finished everything in under one day and I also got a chance to throw a small party with close friends.

As this place inspires me an amazing state of calmness and relaxation, the most played tracks today were Erin Bode – Time after Time and David Gilmour – This Heaven.

In the meantime, I am working on the playlist for the big party to come in some days. Any suggestions ? :)

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I wish you to have the best time there. Can’t wait for the party!!!

Thanks, Andrei !

I have to decide on the date and time and I’ll let you all know.

Renee Olstead – selftitled album :)

Hope not to have a Jack Daniels theme :))or smthn

currently there is only ballantines in the house…and some red wine…..from my own vineyard :))

ummm… some garbarek / afro jazz (as you posted it – I’ve listened to some good sound on a Gherrilla ‘Social Club’ last year) / ambiental-but-not-Buddha-Bar / bit of goo’ ol’ rock to put memories in place / and stuff…
think I was helpful, wasn’t I? :)

oh, and _congrats_ for the new place!!!

thanks !

your suggestion is good for starters, but after people fire up, i think some more movement would be recommended… so maybe we should also try some (stuf)-vama-veche-like music…

mmmmmmm…….. vama-veche-like music….. yeap, that would be enjoyable … now, depends on the quality of the sound, and the speakers you’re going to have.
now, vama veche as in… dunno, Underground / B52 / Expirat-like, or as in the band ‘vama veche’? (i assume the latter)
(i keep on relating to your posts. freshly read, as i haven’t been around for a while)

no, it is not the “vama veche” band, it is more the kind of music you would hear in “stuf vama veche” club. Or “Music Club”. Bands like The Cure, Supertramp, INXS, Van Halen, Moby, Kudu :), B-52, Republica…. Sure, some of the more recent songs should appear too, like Faithless, like some house, etc.

But now I have to re-order / re-sort all the music which is on an external hard-drive and should be switched to CDs and DVDs in order to listen to it on the new DVD player :)



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