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I buy, but do they sell?


After moving to the new place, I have some issues with the old audio solutions….basically, I do not want to use the laptop anymore for storing and playing music, but I want a more professional solution. And also the speakers should go and be replaced by some more professional ones.

As the new apartment offers a lot of open space, I want to see as less cables as possible, so I am thinking of a wireless solution. The ideal thing would be for a small and compact “device” that is able to store 30-40 Gb of music and is able to send the sound wireless to speakers mounted on the walls. Of course, it has to have a remote control :)

As I have limited time to wander through the shops, the Internet is the best option for me now. After dozens of searches over the web, I did not manage to find too much, so I decided to ask some “professionals”. As Bose was well recommended, I decided to send an e-mail and ask. I told them what I want, I even mentioned a couple of products I found on their website and I asked for the price.

All good until now, I (think I) did my part. But would you think they answered? No. Three days have passed and no reply from them. I was quite determined to buy, I send them all the details, all they had to do was to reply and give a configuration.

Now, this is what I don’t understand in Romania. Some people really don’t want to sell. Same happened when I tried to buy a TV from Metro, the guys were nowhere to be found and when I found them they treated me with so little consideration and actually said that both products I wanted were not properly functioning. Why do you display them then ?? Of course, they did not recommend anything else, they just went away. So I went to Altex, where a nice guy managed to convince me to buy a TV twice as expensive as what I was looking for initially. Just by showing me everything, being very nice and detail answering all my questions.

Think I’ll go to Altex again or, for a much more professional solution, I’ll try B&O…. Still, the question remains. Why do some people do not want to sell when the buyer comes?