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I buy, but do they sell?


After moving to the new place, I have some issues with the old audio solutions….basically, I do not want to use the laptop anymore for storing and playing music, but I want a more professional solution. And also the speakers should go and be replaced by some more professional ones.

As the new apartment offers a lot of open space, I want to see as less cables as possible, so I am thinking of a wireless solution. The ideal thing would be for a small and compact “device” that is able to store 30-40 Gb of music and is able to send the sound wireless to speakers mounted on the walls. Of course, it has to have a remote control :)

As I have limited time to wander through the shops, the Internet is the best option for me now. After dozens of searches over the web, I did not manage to find too much, so I decided to ask some “professionals”. As Bose was well recommended, I decided to send an e-mail and ask. I told them what I want, I even mentioned a couple of products I found on their website and I asked for the price.

All good until now, I (think I) did my part. But would you think they answered? No. Three days have passed and no reply from them. I was quite determined to buy, I send them all the details, all they had to do was to reply and give a configuration.

Now, this is what I don’t understand in Romania. Some people really don’t want to sell. Same happened when I tried to buy a TV from Metro, the guys were nowhere to be found and when I found them they treated me with so little consideration and actually said that both products I wanted were not properly functioning. Why do you display them then ?? Of course, they did not recommend anything else, they just went away. So I went to Altex, where a nice guy managed to convince me to buy a TV twice as expensive as what I was looking for initially. Just by showing me everything, being very nice and detail answering all my questions.

Think I’ll go to Altex again or, for a much more professional solution, I’ll try B&O…. Still, the question remains. Why do some people do not want to sell when the buyer comes?

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iPod. Only iPod.

It may not fit your wireless remote control requirement, but somehow I expect you might not be disappointed. It’s not great because it’s popular. No, it’s popular because it’s great!

Connect directly or via laptop to your Bose or B&O speaker set and you’re off! I would never buy a stand alone media center / rack stereo system ever again. And I’ve thought about it.

If you are different from me, buy a Mac Mini and use it’s media features to connect to your speaker system and Plasma TV and wifi network and…


Now, this is what I don’t understand in Romania. Some people really don’t want to sell.

Yes, I experience the same issue almost daily in Romania. It’s strange to see the business buzz about branding, but many of those talking don’t quite get it, yet. Part of your branding is not the logo, it’s the service!

Yes, the ipod could be an option, but … i really want to be able to change the tracks from the couch :)

Does it not have at least a wireless remote control ?

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

Hallelujah, amen!

yes, that one looks good at it is at a fair price. i asked in Romania, at the Mac Gallery, and it is about 70 USD…

get an iPod with the new iPod Hi-Fi boombox - – it has a remote, beautiful sound, just as good as bose, compact, no wires to be seen. It’ll come in Romania quite soon.

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