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Philosophycal issue


Since about 3 weeks now, one of my work colleagues has a question he cannot find the answer for….maybe some of you can help.

Basically, the question is: “Where does a song go when nobody’s singing it?“. Or, in Romanian: “Unde se duce melodia atunci cand nu o canta nimeni?

His comment: Please answer in a serious manner.
My comment: :)))))

She wants revenge


She Wants Revenge

I came across these guys recently, in a discussion I carried out with a friend, regarding the evolution of Kory Clarke. I remember saying something like being sure good music was still around, and lamenting about lack of time to dig it up. I got my first shot of SHE WANTS REVENGE listening to the samples on their blog. The second track there, “Tear you apart” is inspired and influenced by Joy Division’s “Love will tear us apart”. And this is another catch: SHE WANTS REVENGE is deeply rooted in the music of Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, The Fall, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, that if you never listened to or never liked the music of the above mentioned artists, chances are you are going to hate this band.

“It’s very hip now to be into new-wave and post-punk and to know what contemporary bands are influenced by Gang of Four, but Justin and I were listening to all that shit IN the 80′s!” ~ Adam Bravin

First track I listened to is the one I’ve put here for download. Not for a moment I thought this was a copy-cat band, but the sound and atmosphere made very hard to believe it was an album released in 2006. As Justin Warfield wisely put it, “It’s easy to capture the style of the music, but writing songs that speak to people is a very different thing.”

I’m very happy with my discovery, it’s an album that has the right dose of mischieve, melancholy and mystery. It can make you sad just as quickly as it can make you dance, depending on the mood you’re in. “What could be better than having someone want to cry, fuck, or get up and dance to your music?” ~ Justin Warfield.

The track I’ve made available for download is very linear, mostly a dance track and it’s been stuck in my head since the moment I heard it first. Listen to it, and don’t forget to check out the samples on SHE WANTS REVENGE site for a more diverse selection. Feedback would be greatly appreciated…

Romania to welcome some Rock…and more


This is quite an interesting news I heard today….The Exploited – yeah, they are still alive:) – are comming to Romania to open the rock in Mures festival. Exploited released their last album in 2003 and made some European tours recently, in a “regaining popularity” attempt. I never was a big fan, but it’s nice they are comming, though.

The event will take place between 6 and 9th of July in… Mures, of course. Among the bands who will play here are Luna Amara, Implant pentru Refuz, Parazitii, Altar and Coma.

Another event is just some days away. On the 11th, in Bucharest, Lake of Tears is having a concert. You can win some tickets by visiting

King Diamond is comming to Romania on 17th of May, in Arenele Romane.

The next one is not rock, but I think is the one I will attend….Buena Vista Social Club is comming to Romania, again, in 8th of May.

Some other concerts in the next days are: Florin Chilian – 9.03 in Old School club, Celelalte Cuvinte – 9.03 in Backstage, Urma – 9.03 in ONX, Kumm – 23.03 in Backstage, Bucharest and 7.04 in Yellow Club, they are touring the country until then, Luna Amara – 30.03 in Bucharest, Backstage.

9.03 is quite an interesting day with some hard choices to make….But I think I’ll go to Chilian, though.

P.S. Also, Depeche Mode is comming on 23rd of June, but you already know about this.

New beauty in playlist


Well, it’s not physical beauty that bought her to the playlist – even though she lacks none -, but the beauty of her simple, straightforward and clear voice, together with nice fitted-in classical sounds of jazz.

Erin Bode is her name and she is a young vocal jazz artist from the US who just released her second album, “Over and Over“. As musical style, she can be compared to Norah Jones or Katie Melua, but i would prefer her over the two mentioned above. She lacks some of the depth of Diana Krall, but she has all the time in the world to prove this wrong. And I am hope she will.

My personal favourite is the Graceland track, with some nice lyrics and great passion in her voice. I think she did her best in this track and it turned out great. Also, the cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after time” sounds excelent…even better than the original.

There is a significat improvement from her previous album, “Don’t take your time”, and the chances are that this is going to be continued in her future albums, as most of the critics agree upon her great potential.

As Dailymotion has some problems lately, I’ll put one of her songs for download – Erin Bode – Graceland, from the Over and Over album.

Jamming back at you


Some months ago I used to wake up on the sound of a song which, even though it’s quite a powerful rock, it seemed to me quite motivating for starting the mornings. Maybe it was because of that “rests his head on a pillow made of concrete” verse in the beginning :)

Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide
Video sent by mihaibotea

Today, another nice news came as it seems in a couple of months I am going to have some new tracks to put on display in the morning, as Pearl Jam announced a new album (the eighth) to be released on 2nd of May this year.

And another nice news is that the first song from this album will be available starting with 8th of March.

Also, together with the announcement of their new album they made some nice changes to the website.

You can listen to a small sample of the first song of their new album, World Wide Suicide, in the box on the left. Hope you like it !

If only you were lonely


After their great success with The Silence in Black and White, Hawthrone Heights comes back with a new album in the same style they have delighted their fans.

Quite an artistic band, they play a very interesting pop-rock, with Jazz and electronic influences. Unique in their performances and credited with a lot of potential from the critics, they might just be a new revelation.

Definetely worth giving a try !