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To be played out loud


Gillan's InnAfter some fourty years of music and after creating some of the best rock-bands ever, what more could you wish from your career? What more could you bring to the audience and how creative and full of spirit can you be?

Well, after listening to Ian Gillan’s latest album, Gillan’s Inn, it seems that some people are just a neverending source of musical inspiration and artistic spirit.

Gillan, the man who created a band like Deep Purple, played the voice of Jesus in the famous Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera and also had a significant contribution to Black Sabbath, recently released a new album, featuring some of the most significants rock players ever. Having together on the same album people like Joe Satriani, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and many more, the album is a treat in itself, with the chance to listen to some of the greatest rock players of all times.

Just as an example, (on the DVD) you can chose to listen to “Smoke on the water” with a blend of Satriani, Morse or Halley, whatever you prefer :)

Gillan’s voice is also of the highest quality – I was surprised to hear him scream with the same passion after all these years :)

A strong recommandation to buy the album ! If you are not convinced yet, just view a sample.

Coldplay B-sides


For those of you who are fans of Coldplay, the I guess I’m floating blog has some nice B-sides and Rarities to share. Enjoy !