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The Sea…


…is comming…or I am going…or something like that. The idea is that we have a date on 28th, and I will make sure I am going to be there. She brings the waves, I bring the wine.

Unfortunatelly, this year the 2 main weekend activities (snowboarding and seaside-sitting) could not be linked as I would have wanted, but 1st of May is almost here and I will make sure I will be with some sand in my shoes by then.

Yeah, some might call it mainstream or some might call it old-fashioned, but I don’t really care. I will meet about 30 nice people (best friends included), we will have some wine and finally I might get some vacation.

And as this blog is about music, I could say that sure the guy who is going to drive the car (Tutu – the legend:D) will apreciate this song played over and over again: Rosu si Negru – Ora de Mare. Maybe some of you will apreciate it too.

See ya there !

Hangover Music. Part One.


When I started listening to rock music, I dived headlong and started straight with Overkill. No mellow shampoo boys with soapy ballads, no cheezy lyrics, I went for the real deal. I can safely say I liked “Elimination” better than any other heartbreaking song. And then I liked “I hate” because of the cocky lyrics, of course. Although an older album, it was early 1991 when “The years of decay” – very inspiring title, innit? – finally grabbed me.

Couple of years after, after getting acquainted with both the mainstream and the underground musicians, after listening to the old as well to the young and emerging, after humming “So fine” (GNR of course) and losing my voice growling over “Sleepless” (by Anathema), I liked discovering tracks that were somehow against the whole trend of an album. I wonder how many of you know this song. If you like it, be warned the rest of “Serenades” is NOTHING like it, so don’t say I never warned you…

My guess is the language is Gaelic.