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So how was it? – Buena Vista


Buena Vista Social Club in BucharestIt’s about 24 hours since it was over and I wanted to write about this all this time. How was the Buena Vista Social Club concert some of us have been waiting for so much ?

Well, in just a few words it was excellent ! It all started with the Before the show Party just before the concert, when a Buena Vista Social Club DVD has been played in Coyote Ugly and Analia Selis held a very nice concert. It was the first time I saw her live – it was the first time for them playing in a club, too – and I realized she is much more than just the Yo No Soy de Qui track all of you might know. She plays a very passionate music, dedicating herself (and the band) totally to it, and it sounds excellent.

Next, the concert came, where I was a bit late but fortunatelly I managed to convince some more friends to come and it was worthwhile the effort. Analia played about 5 or 6 tracks, opening the way for the masters of the night, Buena Vista Social Club.

Comming after their concert in Timisoara, not speaking a bit of English (at least not to the public), the 4 grands of the old band, plus 7 from the new age, they played about one and a half hours of excellent Cuban music.

The big star was Senor Cachaito Lopez – from the old band, together with Roberto Fonseca – a great pianist from the new age. In my view, the most remarkable were the pianist – Roberto, Jesus Ramos – trombone, the trumpet player – Guajiro Mirabal and the guitarist – Manuel Galban.

What I particularly liked about the concert was the arrangement of the songs, alternating between high-pace rhythms, slower plays and a lot of individual solos.

The audience was also a high quality one, getting involved all the way, dancing and having a good time. You don’t see this too often….

Another good thing is that this is not their first time in Romania – we had the change to have Ibrahim Ferrer 2 years ago in Bucharest – and not their last time – Omara Portuondo is comming here with them on 23rd of November. See you there !

It’s just like….Crazy !


Gnarls Barkley - St. ElsewhereYeah, it’s just like crazy how Britain embraced this hit of Gnarls Barkley, Crazy by its name. And not only this no. 1 hit, but also the entire just-realeased album, St. Elsewhere.

Mixing some rap with pop music, just like the good old-fashioned way, Gnarls made Britain (and not only) move on this rhythm, and he deserves all the credit for this. Nice work !

It is true, some might find some similarities between his music and the Gorillaz style, and one should look no further than Danger Mouse, who is producer of both. Which proves the people in the back really do have an influence :)

|If you haven’t been listening to it in the last month or so, you should definitely visit Gnarls Barkley’s Myspace page to listen to some of the tracks (Crazy hit included).