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How tired can you be?


Well, extremely tired. It’s been a hell’s week, with a lot of work but also with a lot of fun. Soo many uptime hours…. And it feels like there is no weekend in between, as on Sunday morning a working-tour starts.

The only music I could bare for tonight and which helped me not fall asleep while making the final charts is Ray Charles’s latest release. Cannot stress enough what a great album this is !!

Have a good night, wherever you are :)

Gypsy music


The Guardian features a nice article about Gypsy music from the Balkans and from Romania. What I specially like about it is that this is one of the few articles that shows that the author is really knowing what he is talking about, he is not mistaking Gypsy music for Manele like a lot of foreigners do and so on.

And I didn’t know Johnny Depp is a fan of Taraful Haiducilor :)