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Throughout this entire month I kept a folder called “To review” where I decided to put all the songs I come upon during my (not so) daily hops on other music blogs – an effort for being more organized and make sure I don’t miss too much. Now the time has come to clean up the folder and see what was really valuable in there.

Except for some old tracks I knew for a long time and I gladly discovered them (some Nirvana, some RHCP and others), most of the things were crap pop-rock tracks, where a bunch of British-sound-like guys were torturing some instruments (the more, the better) and screaming at the microphone. That’s not music, it’s just some wanna-be people trying to impress a record label. 

Still, I managed to find a new artist I immediatelly fell for – a jazz / piano singer called Regina Spektor. I found her thanks to I Guess I’m Floating blog, which tipically provides some nice tracks.

So, if you are curious what is the most beautiful music I discovered this month, here it is, a sample – Regina Spektor – On the Radio.

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loved the tune, thanks! and I completely agree, most mp3 blogs are full of mediocre music. it’s rather difficult to sort out the hidden gems. Sometimes I just go with the herd (i.e. most popular bands on the hype machine). This is how I discovered the pipettes and nouvelle vague.

And what about this blog? How would you rate the songs you find here? What did you like and, maybe most important, dislike?

Well, some posts are perfectly matching my taste in music (e.g. rufus wainwright, hugh masekela, the doors -to name just a few). As for dislikes, I’m not into rock that gets too hard. But it’s just a question of musical tastes. Anyway, keep posting about various genres. The more eclectic, the better! :)

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