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God bless Gica Petrescu


Yesterday the great singer Gica Petrescu said goodbye and passed away. I am sure all of the Romanians know his work, great talent and extraordinary influence he had in music.

He sang for dozens of years, performing some 1500 songs in his career. His favourite songs themes were Bucharest, women and drinking, although he was never a heavy drinker.

He passed away at the age of 91, in the same day it was scheduled for him to receive an award from the Nationa Romanian Television.

In his memory, here it is for you to listen to – Gica Petrescu – Uite asa as vrea sa mor. Rest in peace !

Top 100 Songwriters


After a short vacation to the beaches of our neighbouring country, I came back with a lot of appetite for posting and music in general. Maybe it is because I missed my tracks collection back home, or because in the car we had almost no music because the guy had a cassette player, not a cd-player as I thought initially….

So, after looking through some music blogs as I arrived back online, I saw that a lot of people posted about the recent top that Paste Magazine is publishing – the top 100 songwriters still alive. Here is the direct link to the list.

Some of my comments on it:

- Pink Floyd is much to low, on #80 !!

- Outkast is too low, on #99

- Notable artists not on the list are: Deep Purple, Lauryn Hill / Wyclef Jean / Fugees, Peter Frampton, Alanis Morissette, Katie Melua (maybe), Bjork and many more.

Even though the initiative is to be praised, maybe they should have dedicated more time to this. Leaving such good artists out of the list can make it highly questionable.