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Gotan Project in Bucharest


Well, I could not attent the concert, but luckily a friend was kind enough to write her impressions on it. So here it is, as Carmen saw it:

„Argentina…Buenos Aires..”

Gotan Project gives a trance taste to tango. All dressed  in white, playing violins, piano, cello, guitar and un unfogettable accordion, all „brushed” of the electronic sound of the synthetizor, they served the Bucharest public a lesson of what classic musicians can do when they approach electronic music.

The show also had a visual component: a screen on which were made projections of psyhedelic images of horse races in slow motion, looking as if they were following the rhythm of the song, naked women spinning torches, walks in woods. „Lunatico”, the name of  their last album and of this tour, was given after tango hero Carlos Gardel’s champion racehorse of the 1930′s, very inspired chosen, as this electronic-tango has the power and the wildness of a running horse.

In Sala Palatului many seats remained empty but the crowd that was there obviously knew their music, as it gave a great feed-back to the performers. Everyone, musicians and listeners, enjoyed two hours of rushing blood through the veins.  

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Very nice music. I love Gotan Project. Their music is the real chillout music.

Well… the empty seets were only because Sala Palatului launched for sale exactly 2ooo tickets. This was a request from the band, in order to keep the intimacy of their concerts. I read it somewhere… :)

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