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Chris and Cezaria in Bucharest


Cesaria Evora will return to Romania on October 16 to perform her third concert in Bucharest, as part of the tour in support of her most recent album, “Rogamar.” The concert is included in the “Pour les connoisseurs” series of events organized by the Aurel Mitran Foundation, the same group that brought the “barefoot diva” to Romania in 2003 and 2004. “Rogamar” is the her tenth album, appearing three years after her Grammy Award winner “Voz d’Amor.”

Chris Rea is going to be here on 1st of November, as part of his farewell tour. It seems he has serious health issues which will keep him off the stage for the next years…too bad !

Both of them should be a delight, my personal favourite is going to be Chris Rea.

She does not speak but she writes


Yesterday evening at about 10 PM I called Dana to ask / remind her to write about the Apocalyptica concert which, of course, I did not manage to attend. Surely, she did not pick up the phone or called back….who is the jerk disturbing her that late?

Well, the good thing is that she read my mind and posted the review of the concert, which you can find it here. Thanks, Dana ! :)

On arriving at the Arenele Romane at 19.34, 4 minutes after the concert was supposed to start, I learned an important lesson: NEVER arrive at a concert on time….