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After some 14 or so hours of work – under a whole lot of pressure, too – I dared to open the winamp and just play the first track which came in the list. After the first 20 seconds or so I openned a can of beer, put the charts apart and lighed up a cigarette…and just enjoyed the sound.

It is a great feeling to discover a new track with a beautiful sound that you can just sit back and enjoy, not thinking about it too much. And when that track just matches your spirit for that moment you just feel like…well…posting about it :) So here it is, Nip / Tuck – A perfect Lie. Enjoy !

Golden Stag reloaded


Well, the debate begun. Aparantely, the mayor of Brasov would like to organize it without the support of the National Television. More details here.

First Post – Cruise Me


Apparently Mihai is a really persuasive guy, so here i am finally writing my first post on this blog. If he got me started, i fear this might be the beginning of many posts from me from now on, so i can only hope you bear with me :).

I am absolutely sure that everybody who ends up on this blog one way or another knows things about David Bowie, and has listened to him at least once. Without being a fan, i’ve been listening to many of his songs, but yesterday i particularly fell for one of them. Since i enjoy watching movies just as much as i enjoy music in general, when i discover a movie whose soundtrack is really well chosen, and seems almost vital for the intensity of some scenes, i get really enthusiastic. That’s the case with David Lynch’s “Lost highway”. The movie begins and ends with David Bowie singing ”I’m deranged”, while the images suggest a moving car on a highway. ”I’m Deranged” is a song written by David Bowie and Brian Eno in 1995 for the album Outside. And not only does the song suit the movie perfectly, but it’s also very appropriate as a car-track, as far as i am concerned. Which i’ve experienced last night, as hopefully suggested by this pic i took.

So, that’s about it for the first time. I’m curious about what you think about the track. And, Mihai, i promise next time it will be less about movies and more about the music ;).

A new Radio in town


Radio LynxWell, finally it has been launched ! Radio Lynx is now here to entertain you with some nice music carefully selected by some nice people :)

You can find them at, you can listen to them by adding the link in your Winamp or other music-playing tool and you can also chat, forum or read their blogs – links are easy to find once you enter their site.

Plus, if you look at the Team behind the RadioLynx, you can find Tina, who is also a contributor of this blog. Hopefully, she will come up with more details, soon. Tina, the mic is yours !

New recommandation


It seems that lately a lot of nice girls are recommanding good music to me, which I am very happy about. I get to listen to tracks which, in some cases, make me fall for them immediatelly and I get to discover things I realize I should have known years ago about.

This time, the recommandation comes from a girl who is into design, geography, hand-making things and generally a lot of things which have to do with estethics. Always a nice “job” for a girl :)

She sent this track to me – Stonebridge – Put ‘Em High – and I started loving it right away. It’s an excelent combination of nice rhythm (even though quite dance-house), a great voice (I always love this kind of vocals, specially in house music) and a beautiful touch of Spanish-like guitar which gives a certain elegance to the sound.

Thanks, Rooz, really appreciate it ! now searches blogs

01.Jun recently launched a new search option for finding information on blogs and feeds. Looks nice, is quite fast and offers some handy tools, like subscribing to the feed directly from the page, displaying the contents of the blog with just a mouse-over on an icon beneath the search result and more.

You can try it with, for example, searching for ”Hanava Lounge”. We are proudly displayed as first result :)