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They are back! Who ? The Who !


Speaking about influencial bands – The Who, one of the most influent rock bands in the 60s and 70 is comming back, 25 years after they stopped making any music. The Who performed a concert earlier this month in Hyde Park, London and they are to tour the US later this year. They already performed some concerts in Europe in July and June, and their are to start the US tour in September.  

Also, in October they are about to release a new album, called WHO2. This will be their first release after It’s Hard, in 1982. The first preview, entitled Wire & Glass, has been released as a maxi-single on 17th of July on iTunes.

More info about the comeback are to be found on Also, for you to remember, here is one of their old famous tracks – I Can See for Miles.

Sideload – free music


Quite newly launched, offers free msuci to listen and download over the web. Looking at it, it offers quite some interesting music – I was able to easily find Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Nirvana, U2 and a lot of other high-profile bands in there.

Also, the site integrates with, using a plugin called Oboe Locker which you can easily download for free.

So, I wonder how this can all be legal, with allowing you to freely download music. Well, it’s quite simple. Looking at their terms and conditions, it’s written: “ does not store any music, but rather links to files publicly available other places on the net. respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same.”

Might be an interesting model, I wonder how long this will last before somebody sues them, as it seems this is getting quite a popular practice in the industry.

Best of the ’06 first half


My Old Kentucky Blog made a top of the best songs released this year. While I must admit my “ignorance” in not listening to all those tracks, it is hard for me to understand why none of David Gilmour’s songs on Island never made it to that list.

Good thing that at least Regina Spektor is there.

Update: Thinking more about it I realize that neither Red Hot Chilli Peppers latest release – Stadium Arcadium – is not there. Nor is Tool, Johnny Cash and a lot others.