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New Bob Dylan record


Via “I Guess I’m Floating” I just came across the news that Bob Dylan will release a new album, called “Modern Times“. And some special bonuses are in for the ones who pre-order it via iTunes, like four videos and a digital booklet.

Nice, looking forward to it ! The full album is to be released in late August.

Digging a little deeper, here is the tracklist:

Title Time
1 Thunder on the Mountain 5:55
2 Spirit on the Water 7:42
3 Rollin’ and Tumblin’ 6:01
4 When the Deal Goes Down 5:04
5 Someday Baby 4:55
6 Workingman’s Blues #2 6:07
7 Beyond the Horizon 5:36
8 Nettie Moore 6:52
9 Levee’s Gonna Break 5:43
10 Ain’t Talkin’ 8:48

Slayer – back to the old school


SlayerWhen I first listened to it, it took me back almost 10 years ago, to the high-shool years of rock (and roll). Giving the same feeling as the old heavy / speed metal bands like Metallica (first albums), Slayer, Motorhead and others were inspiring back then, the “Christ Illusion” album is one of the best Slayer produced in years.

The lyrics are also in the fashion of their most popular themes – religion, war and violence. Probably the album will not top their best so far, like Reign in Blood for example, but it is a remarkable album nonetheless, specially considering the longevity of the band – and Tom Araya still has that awesome screaming in his voice :)

As time has passed, I am sure I am not listening to Slayer the same way I used to, but hearing them play like in the early years certainly gives a nice impression and brings back some good memories.

The full album can be listened to (but not downloaded) on MySpace/Slayer. Also, here is a live performance of The Cult.