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Old obsessions


Browsing through the big and filled with music hard-drive recently, I just re-discovered one of my old obsessions in music, a track which I immediately liked the first time I heard it. I remember how I listened to it for dozens of times in a row for more than a week after hearing it…

It comes from a great Romanian musician – Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica – one of the members of Pheonix, but also an excelent artist on his solo albums.

Natalis – the song which made such a huge impression on me – comes from his Bachita album, released 2 years ago. The album is singed in Aromanian by Stelu Enache and is a collection of folk songs remastered in a rock atmosphere, resembling somehow to Goran Bregovic’s style.

You can find the song here – it is just for listening purposes only, please do not distribute and go buy the album !