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50 Worst Artists – or maybe not quite


Blender published a top 50 worst music artists of all time. As this is and should be considered as a highly subjective initiative, I would have some remarks to it:

I Agree with:
- Crash Test Dummies (no 28) – they didn’t impress with anything, released the Mmm Mmm Mmm … song which was quite lousy for a hit, even though heavily broadcasted in its age. Poor performance afterwards.
- Celine Dion (no 26) – regarded by many as a Diva, I was never keen on anything concerning her, specially the song for Titanic. Everything was too “predictive”, all the songs follow the same line. Boring.
- Creed (no 23) – Again, nothing of interest in that form of rock.
- Michael Bolton (no 3) – Sort of a masculine version of Celine Dion, he made a good impression on depressed young teens but his music is poor, with no innovation and no substance after all.
- Insane Clown Pose (no 1) – Actually, I never understood anything from that form of “music”, so they must be lame.

I do not agree with: here the list can get longer…

- Manowar (no 44) – actually, Manowar had their quite distinctive sound and played good music. DeMaio is a good bass-player and all of the guys are pretty technical with their instruments. Also, the vocals were good. They also managed to be the “loudest band in the world” in Guinness World Records hall of fame.
- The Doors (no 37) – Doors played an unique kind of music and they have to be appreciated for this. They also created and supported a large movement in the hippie groups and influenced a lot of other bands. The End has one of the best guitar solos ever, so this is another reason to appreciate them.
- Yngwie Malmsteen (no 14) – As they said in the ranking, he was big on solos but short on songs. Actually, I trink he was that big on solos, that the lower songs can be overseen and he should be ranked much better. After all, this is his purpose, to create some great guitar sounds.
- Mick Jagger (no 13) – I think his great merit is that he actually created a great band and managed to make it play excellent music for dozens of years. Very few managed to do this and for this he should be greatly appreciated.

Actually, I could add a lot of Romanian artists to “the worst list” and also a lot of pop-stars…actually, 90% of them. But again, it is a matter of taste :)

Two new tracks


Not much going on recently in my music habits, except for the recent discovery of two excellent tracks.

The first one is from the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie – it is actually the opening track, sang by DJ Shadow and is entitled Six Days. I was just too impressed when I first heard it and I immediately searched for it – you can find the video here.

The second comes from the radio and it was a pretty hard challenge to identify it. It is one of the very few house / dance bands in Romania I appreciate and it is the first single out of their future album – Activ – Reasons. You can download it following the link – not hosted by musicblog – or you can just wait for the album to go and legally buy it.

Quite strange that both tracks are from the same genre, not one I would particularly like, but maybe it is just my mood of driving these days….