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Samael concert review


As I was not able to attend, Diana offered to share her experience on the Samael concert. Therefore, here it is, the Samael concert in Romania reviewed. Thanks a lot, Diana !

The day of the Samael concert finally arrived on the 2nd of December – a day awaited by many – and so many to be disheartened. Judge me with indulgence if you please, but this is not the same band you sordid metalheads used to listen years ago.

With Dies Irae as an opening act, things didn’t quite indicate future excellence, for they encountered as many technical problems as a band could in only one 30 minute show. As for Avatar, things worked out remarkably good, their show being sustained by Costin Chioreanu’s outstanding projections. Inauspicious, the audience got uninterested just a bit before the usual, but this is comprehensible if we keep in mind the forthcoming band.

When Samael eventually came into action, many people left the concert hall, unaware of the fact that this band changed style a while ago. Nevertheless, the ones who chose to remain were uttermost enraptured, for the guys offered an incredible hour and a half of pure musical spells.

One by one, they played songs such as Jupiterian Vibe, Reign of Light, On Earth, On Earth, but their genuine moment of grace was probably symbolized by Baphomet’s Throne, for that’s when the band manifested their real endowment and received the well deserved feedback.

Moreover, it is probably widely agreed that the half an hour encore added a tint of awesomeness to the show. The band waved goodbye and promised to come back next year (don’t they all?). Overall this has been indeed a good concert, backed by a remarkable sound system and an exceptional set list.

Jupiterian Vibe
Inch Allah
Reign of Light
The Cross
Oriental Dawn
Baphomet’s Throne
Nautilus & Zeppelin
On Earth
Choosen Race
Infra Galaxia
The Ones Who Came Before
Intro/Shining Kingdom
Black Trip
High Above
Year Zero
My Saviour

Apparently the band also had a very good time wandering a bit the next morning and I’ve heard rumors…Nevertheless, I’m glad things started to prompt to musical action in Romania and since we’re having Laibach in the offing you should prepare for a plump year. At this pace I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever get to see Deine Lakaien. Loading…

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