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The Jack


Whenever I think of “the jack“, 2 things immediately pop into my mind – the first one is the AC DC song with the same name and the other one, named after the song, is the former Vama Veche – currently only Bucharest-based – hard-rock bar, called The Jack.

The song remains one of the best AC DC songs ever, one of the few slow-paced songs the band released. Also, it is a song with a very strong story for myself – after an excelent weekend in Vama Veche, I woke up on Monday morning and I was hearing this song like it was played all over the place in my apartment. A really strange feeling, but one which engraved this song into my mind for good.

The bar was one of the nicest in Vama Veche, but it was sort of ruled-out and is currently only existing in Bucharest. Still nice, a good place to hand out if you are really into good quality rock music.

Another nice thing about the song is that, even though the lyrics reffer to a game of cards, the songs story is about a totally different thing – it is about a girl who is supposed to have been sleeping with all of the band members, eventually getting a sexual disease and blaming the guys for giving it to her :). So, the story is not that nice, but the cards metaphore is quite a nice one.

Therefore, enjoy – AC/DC – The Jack. To be served with some cold Jack (Daniels).