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Tapinarii in Art Jazz


After quite a long time since seeing them live, I managed to get in Art Jazz yesterday for the Tapinarii concert. And it was great ! :)

Was quite a different concert from what Tapinarii is usually playing – they played mostly ballads and “rare” tracks – tracks they don’t usually play in concerts. Also, another good thing is that they played for about one hour and a half, which was really worth it.

One of the downsides was the opening act of stand-up comedy by Cristi Dumitru – people who saw him before said that 70% of the jokes were old ones and it is really not funny to hear the same “improvisation” again from the same guy. Also, large ammounts of vulgarity in his show made the whole performance pretty poor.

Comming back to the concert itself, one of the best performances was the “Sfarsit si inceput de lume” song. Awesome song itself, sounds even better live ! You can watch the video here. The audience was also great, a lot of singing along – seems that people really like Tapinarii :)
Overall, congrats guys for an excellent show and looking forward for the new album !