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Delta Music Fest


By some sort of accident – mainly the will to escape to the Danube Delta combined with not knowing too much about the type of music to be there – I somehow got to attend the Delta Music Fest. On the way there I found out it was sort of an electronic music festival, which news I embraced with some sort of moderate enthusiasm :).

But in the end, it was not so bad afterall. I thought I would only like one band – Shukar Collective – but it seemed that in the end they had a rather poor performance and I loved some other bands.

First day debuted without much interest from my side but with some nice mixes from DJ Godjira. The guy mixed some Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and others alike on some “electronic” rhythms which did not sound that bad after all, even for a non-initiated like myself. Then followed Shukar Collective which did not seem to enjoy being there at all – therefore all the people were rather still, therefore their performance was quite poor and finally therefore a poor show afterall.

But it all ended up quite well with the Austrians from Sofa Surfers which played some great rockish music, with some electronic sounds in it.

Day two started with Bumbapa – which were absolutelly horible. Just plain bad, sorry to say that guys. Finally, the show improved somehow with The Pixels, which sounded ok and with Unkle – quite a refined sound, showing professionalism, but still quite chaotic and not finalized. Things were anyway not looking too good, so I did not stay for any Pagal or any of the kind.

Day three was probably one of the best, with Cold Cut which really great – the band I liked most out of the entire festival. Very nice mixes, very well worked out and an awsome vocalist. Too bad he spent 50% of the time off-stage :). Bango de Gaia was really not my kind and that was it in the end.

Overall, a nice impression despite a lot of people with the sole purpose to show off and some really poor shows from some of the bands. Ah, and nice organizing of the event also.

As a recap, here is what I liked:

Sofa Surfers – Good Day to Die – they played this in the concert, a little faster and with a more developed sound
Cold Cut – True Skool – this is the kind of plays they had in the show