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Not so…chemical


On Saturday I managed to reach the Chemical Brothers concert in Bucharest. I arrived there at about 12 PM, the location was not very crowded – even though there were quite a lot of people, there was enough space to breath.

At about 1AM the guys started their show, which lasted for about 2 hours. As there was an album promotion concert, I wasn’t expected too many “hits” to be played. Still, I must say I was quite dissapointed with the quality of what I heard. Mostly there was instrumental music and even though there were some nice sounds, not anything that will move you from your seat.

The only highlists were the all-known hits – Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Galvanize and such.

All in all, probably a good show for the very-dedicated fans of Chemical Brothers but not so much for me.

And if you want to see how it was, here it is – video of Hey Boy, Hey Girl, from the Bucharest concert.