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Je ne veux pas travailler…je ne veux pas dejuner” – this is what I was singing out loud Saturday evening, after the Pink Martini show in Bucharest.

Pink Martini came to Bucharest for a great show at Sala Palatului, in front of a full room of people. It seems that this took them by surprize a little, as they said “How did you even hear about us, they don’t have our albums here, do they?” :)

Still, despite the lack of presence from the Romanian music market, they put up a great show which made happy the entire audience. It was a great sound, ranging from more alert and dance-friendly tracks like Je Ne Veux Pas… to more complex violin or trumpet sets. It was also a nice atmosphere with Thomas Lauderdale translating everything he could from English to Romanian.

Overall, a great concert, which confirms to me again that the shows at Sala Palatului are probably the best you can have :)

P.S. And it was not at all cold outside ;)