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Jesus Christ Superstar in Bucharest


Jesus Christ Superstar play in BucharestSome students from UNATC (Theatre University in Romania) had a great idea of putting in play one of the greatest rock operas ever – Jesus Christ Superstar.

The play has been written in the 70′s by Andrew Webber and Tim Rice and – in the original version – was performed by, among others, Ian Gillan playing the role of Jesus and Murray Head in the role of Judas.

The Romanian version is played free of charge at the ArCub stage on 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19th of July. It’s nice to see such initiatives happen and I bet their act will be worthwhile for anyone to attend.

Later Edit: It seems someone liked it very much. Also some pictures here.

Sounds like Morcheeba ?


I am sure you all remember Skye, the ex-vocalist of the UK band Morcheeba. After a successful career, she left the band in 2003 and recently (February, 2006) she released a solo album – Mind How You Go.

With a sound similar to what the Morcheeba fans are used too, she now added more life to the songs, making them a little more dynamic. A good sample can be heard on the Love Show track, the first one on the album.

You can download Love Show here and also find some more media on her website –

Fergie also on a solo


FergieFergie – the girl from Black Eyed Peas – is one of those girls that makes guys imagine stuff just by seeing her on TV. She doesn’t have to do much to be sexy and she is widely appreciated for that.

Still, there is more to her than just the looks – her performance with Black Eyed Peas are very good and she quickly became a key member of the band. As she said in an interview: “It’s funny because it’s backwards. A lot of times I don’t overtly try to dress sexy. In fact, I’ve actually made an effort not to. Because I don’t want it to be all about that, you know? I’ve been wearing baggier clothes at my shows, just because it’s important to me that people know I am an artist, and not just some men’s trophy model.

With that success in her pocket, she is now preparing also for a solo carreer. This starts with the first single she realeased, London Bridge. Quite a sexy song, the lyrics are all about this and probably the video is going to be the same. Even though the song is not exceptional, is still a good performance for a starter. You can now download it here – Fergie – London Bridge.

The full album is supposed to be released in September and is going to be entitled “The Dutchess“.

Placebo to come in Bucharest, too


Well, the Romanian series of rock concerts continues with the performance Placebo is going to have in Arenele Romane on 13th of August. They are currently in a tour promoting their latest album, “Meds“, which is highly appreciated in Romania, as far as I learned from a lot of people.

Even though I am not a big fan of their musical style, I must admit they are doing a pretty good job. And the results are showing, as ”Meds” is currently voted as the best album of this year by 32% of the responders of the poll on the right side of this blog :)

Tapinarii 5 years tour


Tapinarii is on their fifth year as a band and they are celebrating this in an old-fashioned way….with a tour. They are to start in Bucharest’s Deko Cafe on 8th of July, then they will move to Timisoara for a concert on 15th on July, in Sibiu on 16th – in Atrium. Sighisoara will welcome them on 29th, on 4th of August they are going to the seaside, in Costinesti, then a little bit south in Vama Veche on 5th – at El Comandante. Next is saving the Rosia Montana on 25-27th of August and they are going to go back to Vama Veche for the Stufstock 2006.

Quite a long tour throughout the country and I hope they will have the best in each of these cities. So be prepared.

Ok, now with these dates marked in your calendar you can download, courtesy of them, the Puiul Paranoic sample track.

If you want to know who they are (who is Covei and who is Tanase), maybe you should drop by

Congrats guys and don’t stop here ! When is the next album comming up ? How about a DVD with live performances from this tour ?

Later Edit: The Concert in Cafe Deko starts at 22:00. Also, during the performance, videos of the band can be admired on the screen on which probably some would expect the football game to be shown :)

Lacrimosa in Bucharest


Lacrimosa was a few days ago in Bucharest, for a live performance. Unfortunatelly, I could not attend but here is a review of their performance.

It seems they did not attract too much public and is still a mistery to me why they decided to perform outside. This music style sounds so much better performed inside …

No more samba


No more samba this year, at the World Soccer Championship. This is both sad and disapointing. :(

Positioning through music


Just discussing with some friends a couple of days ago….why did Heineken, one of the best beers in the world, positioned itself in Romania in relationship with house and party music ? I always considered them something like a beer for smart people (of course, it might be because it is my favourite beer and I have a very high self-esteem:) )

I know, it is highly typical for beer producers / marketers like to position their products in circumstances like parties, footbal, music and so on. This is because beer is considered as a drink for the masses and these are the places where masses gather and enjoy a nice drink.

Heineken did the same but…is it really working ? If I would go to a concert, I would prefer drinking some long-run beers insted of Heineken, which I love to enjoy over some nice talking in a pub.