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A French Song


Throughout the time, there have been very few French songs which I liked. Maybe because I don’t like the language or because I never felt a connection with the French, but except for some Joe Dassin and some Carla Bruni I wasn’t a big fan of the french music.

Still, recently I came upon another one which made the playlist for some days in a row and I still like it. It comes from Tarantino’s “Grindhouse” movie – a pretty silly movie but with a nice soundtrack.

The song is named Lasser tombe les fille and is sang by France Gall. A great song, here it is for you to listen: France Gall – Laisse tomber les filles. It was also covered by April March in an English version, but surprisingly I prefer the original French version :).

Memories of an Immigrant


Carnival 2 Memories of an ImmigrantProbably one of the most important releases of this year comes from Wyclef Jean, one of my most favourite artists of all time. 10 years after his solo debut with Carnival one, here comes the Carnival, Vol. 2: Memoirs of an Immigrant album.

The album sounds, as expected, amazingly good. On each track Wycleaf invited some friends to sing with, therefore you can also hear Shakira, Norah Jones, Mary J Blige and so on.

One of the best tracks comes from what would seem like an odd combination – Wyclef Jean feat Serj Tankian (from System of a Down) – Riot into the most rock sound of the album.

“Sweetest girl (dollar bill)” is one of the most played tracks on the radios, featuring Akon and Lil Wayne. Then there’s “Any Other Day“, with Nina Simone, featuring a more peaceful sound in order to adapt to her great voice. Paul Simon sings on “Fast Car“, reminding of Tracy Chapman’s track while Mary J Blige puts the passion she’s renowed for in “What about the Baby“.

All in all, a great album and an amazing journey through a diversity of musical genres.

And as you are used to, here is one song to download: Wyclef Jean feat Serj Tankian – Riot.

Dorna commercial soundtrack


As it seems a lot of people felt in love instantly with this song just after it was featured in the Dorna commercial in Romania, I thought I would make everybody’s life easier and put it up for download. Therefore, here it is, the full version – Conjure One – Tears from the Moon.

And a few words about Conjure One – their are a Canadian electronic music band. They released 2 albums until today, Conjure One (2002) and Extraordinary Ways (2005). Tears from the Moon appeared initially on their first album and then was released as a single also in 2003. You can find more about them on