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Bran Van – rediscovered


Bran Van 3000 plays some of the best “chill-out and driving” music, according to my taste. I have loved them since the beginning and I’ve been listening to Glee, their first album, religiously.

Unfortunatelly, they did not released too much ever since so I had to stick to that one – until recently I rediscovered their 2007 album, Rose.

Quite a different sound, more profound, they dropped some of the rapping they were using on the first one and overall a more consistent music. Gets closer to Buddha Bar or Hotel Costes. Still, I prefer it to the above as it is more dynamic and has more substance.

One of the tracks I liked best out of RoseHouse Lights. You can buy the album on Amazon.

First Ride


After the first snow, today was the first ride – in Sinaia. The slope was quite ok, but boring as I knew it. Quite a lot of wind and fog and only 2 rides were possible as afterwards the cable broke down and you could not go up anymore. But it was really nice to go snowboarding in November….looking forward for more.

And a friendly advice to the drivers going to the slopes: get some winter tires, forget about your fancy car, it will be usless in the snow with slicks….:P. You’ll just manage to annoy everybody who will have to rescue and wait for you.

No pictures, unfortunatelly, I was there alone (sadface) and with no camera. Luckily, SHE just bought a ski suit so maybe she will join from now on :D.

First Snow


First Snow of 2007

Last weekend I managed to reach Balea Lake – and it was the first snow of this year! Not too much snow on the ground, enough snow on the street but it was sooo nice to see it again after almost one year.

Damn, I miss snowboarding. Can hardly wait…another 55 days….till then – Snow (Hey Oh!).

Update: Today (12.11) it also snowed it Bucharest, at about midnight. Most likely, next weekend I can go to the first snowboarding of the year ! 

And they were here…


2 days have passed and it’s still hard not to think about the Deep Purple concert on Wednesday.

Of course, the excitement was huge as until some months ago I would have never expected to see them playing live. It is hard to imagine a band which made history in the 70s to be still playing, touring and moving crowds just like 40 years ago.

The concert started at about 8:45 and they played for about one hour both old and new tracks. Towards the end, the focused mostly on old tracks, probably seeing the enjoyment on the people’s faces.

Overall, it all sounded great. Gillan still has a great voice, even though he cannot scream as he used too. This is also the reason why they did not play Child in Time, most likely. Steve Moss did an amazing job on the guitars, he had a lot of solo parts and the crowd enjoyed it to the full. Paice and Glover also had some solos, but rather short.

Unfortunatelly, the show was little disrupted by the power on the sound going off few times – luckily, it only lasted for some seconds and the band went though this really easy, they just kept playing and having a good time.

All in all, a great show from Deep Purple, for the first time in Romania and playing in front of 10.000 fans. Personally, I think it was the concert I enjoyed the most and way better than Rolling Stones. It was for sure less show but much more passion and much more … music.