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Holy Diver


A classic, from Black Sabath’s spin off, DIO.

Enjoy holy diver below



Not much to say about Moonlight Breakfast except that they are Romanian and I really like this song.




Continuing the Romanian music series, today we introduce Butterflies In My Stomach. The band formed in 2005 and they participated in all the major music festivals in Romania, being quite popular for their live performances. So far, they only released one album – Magic Store. In 2011 Maca, the vocalist, left the band to form Yellow Project and Catrinel Bejenariu joined the band.

The first song to share, specially for its fresh sound, is one they sing in Romanian – Lucrurile bune vin daca le astepti.

The second one is in English and gives their album’s title – Magic Store.

Hope you enjoy at least one of them :)

Paris is Burning


Today’s song comes from St Vincent and is actually the kind of song I am not a big fan of. But this one has something different… the voice, the lyrics, all sound too well together.

St Vincent is the band of Annie Clark, a former band member of Surjan Stevens. She follows the indie genre path and has so far released 3 albums. The first one, Marry Me, features this song I really like, Paris is Burning. Enjoy it below!

Video Games


Youtube sensations are usually very commercial songs (or purely stupid ones, like Rebecca Black’s Friday), but Video Games is quite different. It is a great balad song, quite sad and romantic and definetely a song to be remembered.

Lana Del Rey has already moved on, released a new album this year (Bord to Die) but Video Games remains on our list of favourites. Enjoy it below.

Long pause


Well, it’s been a while since writing, mostly due to travel…

But here it is, with an all time favourite – The Cat Empire – The Lost Song (live):