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Chillout and Zell Am See


It seems that the weather in Romania is not much favoring the snowboarders nowadays – we don’t have too much chances for snow until mid-December or so.

Still, I am happy that on New Year’s Eve I will definetely be on the board on the nice slopes of Zell Am See. So if you are around this area on New Year’s Eve, just give a sign, maybe we organize something :)

On the other hand, not much time for music these days, with a hectic schedule at work which prevents me from sitting still more than 10 minutes.

I am mostly in a mood for chill-out, and the first song which comes to my mind is Free Bird, again. Excellent guitar, nice lyrics and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

Old obsessions


Browsing through the big and filled with music hard-drive recently, I just re-discovered one of my old obsessions in music, a track which I immediately liked the first time I heard it. I remember how I listened to it for dozens of times in a row for more than a week after hearing it…

It comes from a great Romanian musician – Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica – one of the members of Pheonix, but also an excelent artist on his solo albums.

Natalis – the song which made such a huge impression on me – comes from his Bachita album, released 2 years ago. The album is singed in Aromanian by Stelu Enache and is a collection of folk songs remastered in a rock atmosphere, resembling somehow to Goran Bregovic’s style.

You can find the song here – it is just for listening purposes only, please do not distribute and go buy the album !



Well, I am finally back from my 6-days-or-so vacation to snowboarding in Cervinia.

It was awseome, even though I had some bad-luck and only got 2 days of snowboarding – the rest were lost due to the high wind.

Cervinia is great as a resort, even though I found it in a not very populated time. Also, it offers a lot of opportunities to sky on all sorts of slopes, very well maintained.

Enough with the talking, some pictures are to be found here. Next stop should be Austria, for skiing on New Years Eve.

Replica zilei de azi


Spusa de un prieten, dimineata: “Numai maine nu-i poimaine“. It made my day, avand in vedere contextul :).

Another comeback – G’nR new album


In 2005 it was Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd (on Live 8), Bon Jovi and Neil Diamond who did some surprising comebacks. In 2006 we had so far The Who’s, Iron Maiden, Meatloaf. It seems to be the year of the rock comebacks. But the year is not over yet, and here comes another one.

Guns and Roses, the band of the 80′s and 90′s who represented for a lot of people their entry point in the Rock genre discovery, is going to release a new album – Chinese Democracy is the name of the new album expected now to be released on 21st of November.
The album has been in development for almost 9 years now, since Axl is rumored to first started recording, somewhere in 1997. More recently, demos of songs like Better or IRS, who are on the tracklist of the Chinese Democracy album. Also, due to the long development time, it is said to be the most expensive album ever produced – with a price tag of over 15 million USD.

Below is a concert version of the I.R.S. track, to be found on the new album.

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