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Don’t worry


Today’s single is an old rock / alternative track from the Romanian band AB4. It’s called Nu-ti fa griji in Romanian (approx “Don’t worry” in English) and was released in the 2000s, when the band had a big success. It remained one of the refference songs for the Romanian rock scene.

Enjoy AB4 – Nu-ti fa griji below

Golden Brown


This week starts with Golden Brown, from one of the most prolific bands of the UK punk scene – The Stranglers. The song was also featured on Snatch Soundtrack. It was released 31 years ago…

Enjoy The Stranglers – Golden Brown below

Rock feat hip-hop


Don’t know why I haven’t shared this so far as it features two of my favourite bands – Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill. Even more, it’s a great live performance!

Enjoy How Could I Just Kill A Man below!

Terrible Feelings


Terrible Feelings is a trio from Sweeden, playing some pop-punk funky stuff. They sound great and I have a feeling they are going to be one of the big revelations of this year.

Judge for yourself, listen to Intruders below

Linkin Park in Bucharest – June 2012


Linkin Park will be coming to Bucharest on June 6th this year. The rumour was confirmed officialy on their website.

And to get you in the mood, let’s see one of their live performances. Enjoy Faint below

Band of Skulls


The British trio from Band of Skulls recently will release in a few days their new album, called Sweet Sour. The leading song of the album sounds really good, with vocals making and interesting contrast with the sharp guitar sound. You can listen it below and you can preorder the album on itunes here.

P.S. The song also has an official video, but I really don’t like it – therefore, I preferred not to share it…