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The Saints Are Coming


It was first released in the somewhere in the 70s and then remastered and made a hit in 2006. The U2 and Green Day version of “The Saints Are Coming” can now be found also over the radios in Romania, becoming an instant hit.

The story of the song starts somewhere in the 70s as it was first released by The Skids and became quite popular at that time. Then, in end of 2006, U2 and Green Day played a remake of that hit in the opening baseball game in Louisiana, giving the song a two-faced meaning: first is a song played in the memory of the victims of the Katrina hurricane and second it became the opening song for all the games of the New Orleans Saints baseball team.

The video also features an interesting footage of the army deploying help for the victims of the floods – but the images are actually not reflecting the reality, they are just arranged in such a way to give an indication of how things should be done and is actually a criticism to the Bush administration for not taking firmer action in helping the Katrina victims.

Overall, the song is an excellent one, where two bands joined forces for creating an amazing spectacle. The song can be downloaded here and this is the video.

The Jack


Whenever I think of “the jack“, 2 things immediately pop into my mind – the first one is the AC DC song with the same name and the other one, named after the song, is the former Vama Veche – currently only Bucharest-based – hard-rock bar, called The Jack.

The song remains one of the best AC DC songs ever, one of the few slow-paced songs the band released. Also, it is a song with a very strong story for myself – after an excelent weekend in Vama Veche, I woke up on Monday morning and I was hearing this song like it was played all over the place in my apartment. A really strange feeling, but one which engraved this song into my mind for good.

The bar was one of the nicest in Vama Veche, but it was sort of ruled-out and is currently only existing in Bucharest. Still nice, a good place to hand out if you are really into good quality rock music.

Another nice thing about the song is that, even though the lyrics reffer to a game of cards, the songs story is about a totally different thing – it is about a girl who is supposed to have been sleeping with all of the band members, eventually getting a sexual disease and blaming the guys for giving it to her :). So, the story is not that nice, but the cards metaphore is quite a nice one.

Therefore, enjoy – AC/DC – The Jack. To be served with some cold Jack (Daniels).

Sometimes it’s different


I was writing some days ago about music for listening to while driving. Well, mostly I would listen to rock or, anyway, to some high-paced music, which gets the spirit going.

Still, some other prefer other kinds of music, even when driving an extremely speedy car on a race circuit. For example, I was quite stunned to see what this guy was listening to while driving the Carrera GT and trying to beat – actually he did – the SLR record lap time. If you look at the video, you will notice that in the car you can hear Foreigner – I want to know what love is.

Well, what can I say, British are weird…. Awesome car, by the way – “He knows that that V10 landmine will bite”, talking about the 650 HP engine :))

Mad World


Again discovering music while looking at snowboard footages – this time is about the Mad World song.

This Gary Jules version of the song was used as a background for quite a nice snowboard video. But actually the song is an excellent one by itself. Originally performed by Tears for Fears, it was remixed in 2001 in Gary Jules / Michael Andrews version.

A relaxing and inspiring song altogether – you can download it here (Gary Jules version).

think again


Thinking again, I think Overseer – Doomsday is an even nicer track for driving by. Actually, the entire NFS Soundtrack – the driving tracks – is one of the best music compilations, i.m.o.

Thought of the day


I was wondering….if you listen to this track while driving through the city, are you going to actually drive like a maniac ? Because it can only inspire you to do so…. :)

On the other hand, a really nice track to listen in the car, with the roof down, while going to VV in the summer, should be this one – EMIL – Dub Shot. Looking forward to trying that soon.


Travel plans


There is a certain place I would like to visit and I really hope one day I will do so. There is a special attraction to this which makes me want to be prepared to go there, not just like you would with any other place, but with the right feelings in you heart and the right thoughts in your mind. This certain place is Cuba.

The fact is that Cuba is a country so particular in its way, so full of history and of cultural meanings, that I feel like you really have to go there with the proper state of mind in order to benefit of all the learnings. Therefore, I am waiting for the perfect time to do so.

Meanwhile, I am wondering how it would be like:

  • is it still possible to sit in a small cafe in Havana and drink some rum and listen to this kind of music, played really low ?
  • can you do the same on a beach ?
  • can you walk around in the city through a real maze of narrow streets with tall buildings colored in bright colors ?
  • are they still driving this kind of cars ?
  • how is it like in the Sierra Maestre mountains ? how about in Santa Clara ?
  • where can I buy the best cigars from :)?
  • can I play chess with a Cubanese old man?

…and so on.

Hopefuly, we will find out soon enough. There is only one way to it ;).

Some fresh stuff


As you may noticed, there hasn’t been much activity going on around here, mostly because I have been quite busy and tired in this period.

Still, some fresh stuff I was inspired into a few days ago by S. is worthwhile to be mentioned and probably deserves the title for the “most impossible to hum” song of the year :) It is Mika with Grace Kelly (youtube link). A fresh song with some strange voice from the guy which it is almost impossible to follow up.

To understand what he actually says, the lyrics are here.