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Until 10 minutes ago I had no clue about this band. But someone shared this song and I was instantly hooked.

Dordeduh is a Romanian metal band and – before you get scared of their potential sound -, this is not like anything you would expect. It’s more like an atmospheric sound combined with traditional Romanian instruments sound. Sounds amazing!

Here it is, Dordeduh – Dojana. Definetely worth listening! Enjoy!

Stay Away


It is a great feeling to listen to this song, really loud, while driving.

Enjoy Nirvana’s Stay Away, from the Nevermind album, below.

Rock feat hip-hop


Don’t know why I haven’t shared this so far as it features two of my favourite bands – Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill. Even more, it’s a great live performance!

Enjoy How Could I Just Kill A Man below!

Spicing it up a bit


As the last songs on have been pretty slow, let’s spice things up a bit. With, yes, a classic!

Enjoy Rime of the Ancient Mariner below!

Holy Diver


A classic, from Black Sabath’s spin off, DIO.

Enjoy holy diver below

Band of Skulls


The British trio from Band of Skulls recently will release in a few days their new album, called Sweet Sour. The leading song of the album sounds really good, with vocals making and interesting contrast with the sharp guitar sound. You can listen it below and you can preorder the album on itunes here.

P.S. The song also has an official video, but I really don’t like it – therefore, I preferred not to share it…

The Call of Ktulu


Just to close the day…

The Cranberries to release a new album


After more than 10 years since their last studio album, The Cranberries, who have reunited a couple of years ago, are expected to release Roses in end of February 2012. I was never quite a big fan but it will be interesting to see if/how their sound changed since the ’90s.

Below you can hear Tomorrow – one of the first singles out from this album.

Iron Maiden – A Matter of Life and Death


I told you this is the year of the great comebacks… Recently Iron Maiden, a band which has had numerous ups and downs in the recent times, released a new album – A Matter of Life and Death.

With Bruce Dickinson again on the vocals, the album gives a feeling of continuity to the initial Iron Maiden style – pure rock and metal style, excellent colaboration between all the members of the band and a clear message of the album.

As a sample, some videos are here, here and here.



Thanx to my good friend Octi for pointing out this “bitch” to me.

(He said she reminded him of me, so I was bound to like her from the start…)

I just love her rough voice and all her covers sound excellent; they really got my blood pumping again – after a very exhausting week/month/trimester of my life :)

I hope you will enjoy the songs as much as I did. After all, the world needs as many bitches as it can get…

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