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Snow gets closer


Snow in RomaniaAwesome news today – it snowed in Paltinis and in Sinaia, and it seems its going to snow some more the following days. So, who knows, maybe Saturday would be a good day for snowboarding in Sinaia.

On the other hand, the trip to Italy in beginning of November, to the Cervinia glacier, is getting closer – hopefully everything will be properly organized and I will be able to get some good powder in those days.

With these thoughts in my mind, walking on the street and listening to Flipsyde – Trumpets seemed exactly the thing to do. Flipsyde’s music is excellent for snowboarding – no wonder their track – Someday – has been chosen by NBC as the official theme song for the 2006 Winter Games Olympics.

The track is best to be listened over the headphones, as some stereo effects are to be discovered. You can find it – for listening only – here: Flipsyde player.

Tom Waits new track


As we previously announced, Tom Waits is to release a new album this year. Those of you who had the chance to listen to some of the tracks from the new album found it already an excellent piece of work, lust like most of Tom’s previous releases.

Some of the tracks from the album slipped so far, before the official release, and here is another one, found by Pitchfork media – the name of the track is Road to Peace and can be found on this page.

God Listens to … Slayer


Nice picture found on flickr.

God Listens to Slayer

Some more jazz


Finding nice music can occur in the most awkward of circumstances – in the taxi, on the street, on the slope or on a plane. The latter happened some days ago when I was reading in that “complimentary copy” magazine an artist with quite a strange name – Rebekka Bakken.

She is a Norvegian artist and composer playing some relaxing and mostly vocal jazz, which sounds quite nice. The voice is not amazing, but a more relaxing and mature one. What is more pleasant maybe might be the instrumentation of her songs, very nicely put together.

Another strange thing is that I think most of the new jazz female players I come across lately are extremely good looking, and Rebekka is exactly the case. Check out her pictures on Also, on her website you can listen to her songs for free – no downloading though.

First Descent


Just finished watching the “First Descent” movie – something I’ve been really looking forward some days now, after seeing the trailer. Of course, the movie just amplified my already-high appetite for snowboarding as soon as possible.

I could not say it is an excellent movie per se – pretty dull as a movie if you are not a big snowboard fan, but it is good that it shows both some amazing scenes of snowboard in Alaska and it also takes you through the entire snowboarding history.

Definitely the best moment of the movie was Terje‘s first descent of the 7601 peak – an excellent accomplishment by the world’s best snowboarder. Truly amazing !

Therefore, also the track for today – Foo Fighters – Hell – the soundtrack song for that descent.

Another snowboard track


Looks like I have an obsession these days with finding snowboard tracks everywhere around – probably this is because I can hardly wait for the first snow and the first snowboard ride !

Today, over the radio, a quite-old tune came up, one you surely know – Sono – 2000 Guns. Excellent electro sound, should sound just fine for a nice clean ride on the slope.

[download Sono - 2000 Guns]



Via Dragos I found out about Flipsyde – a US band who is combining Hip-Hop with Rock for a really nice sound overall. They sound great – specially in the not-so-hip-hop songs – and the Someday track sounds excellent for snowboard ! :)



Buricul Pamantului at Szeiget Festival - www.buricul.comBuricul Pamantului” (could be translated as “The Hub of the Universe” for the non-Romanian speakers) – sounds pretty strange for a band name, right? At least this is what I thought when I first heard of them. Later found out that the name comes from a place in Sibiu city.

But as the name might sound strange, their music actually sounds quite fine. It is a “balcanic alternative” rock, as the guys are defining it, with up-front vocals, nice instrumentals in the back and some interesting lyrics. I listened so far to their albums, the second one is a clear improvement from the first one and it seems their are on the right track. Too bad I didn’t attend their Stufstock concert, so I cannot realy give my impresion on their live performances.

While Elena was first impressed with their “beculete” song – namely “Ce Tara Frumoasa Avem“, I am quite fond of the “Underground” track – one of the more rockish on the album. But as I am not able to put up a download link for that song, you should get a first taste of their sound by this track – “Salut” – an interesting one, specially with a nice guitar solo, which could definetely go much further in live performances. Also, this is the song that probably some of you might know from the radio.

Overall, Buricul Pamantului – I always smile when thinking of this name – is a band which managed to put together an excellent album - “Suflet Flamand – and who is promising to deliver more in the future. The guys seem so sing an honest music, with passion and professionalism. Keep it going !

download link via, their record label. More about Buricul Pamantului on their website –