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Greece again


During the long time passed since the last post – sorry for the low activity -, a lot of things happen, one of them being an actual summer vacation I took since …. quite a long time. I managed to spend most of it out of the country, in Mykonos – Greece. Quite a nice island, nice houses and landscapes, some nice beaches and overall quite expensive and crowded – way too many Italians there.

Unfortunatelly, the second camera failed and I do not have any pictures of my own, but I managed to get a few from the others – here they are.

Greece 2007

Greece 2007

And the song which gladly went along the journey – Royksopp – What Else Is There.

Songs of this summer


I was just looking back at some of the posts of this summer thse days. Yes, I know, there hasn’t been much posting going on and I am sorry for this. Maybe not enough new things, not enough time to write or a combination of both.

Still, I noticed some of the best songs of this summer – not necesarelly new – are missing and I am going to dedicate this post to them.

Citizen Cope – Brother Lee – Inspired and suggested by A., this song goes down to being nice, fun and quite refreshing. Good for mood-lifting :)

Hara & Tamango – Muro Shavo – Get’s me thinking of Vama Veche always and some of the old days at concerts there. Now this ain’t like that too much, no more concerts or too crowded usually. Still, definetely an inspirational song.

Manu Chao – Raining in Paradise – As I am looking forward to the new album to be released in September, this track makes the waiting easier. Missed them at Sziget, hope to catch them somewhere else. A great track !

Have a great summer !