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Rage Against The Machine reunites


This is one of the best news recently – Rage Against the Machine reunites !

The entire story is here.

Saddest Songs

19.May published recenly the top most exquisitelly sad songs in the world – quite a nice selection, I would say.You have to be patient and start from number 25 and browse through the entire list, but it is worth it.

And Sinnead O’Connor with Nothing Compares to You comes only at 24 ! :)

That Italian Spirit


There is something about Italy which, if you manage to catch it, it really makes your spirit high and gets you going. This is about how I felt in Sicily during the weekend, probably one of the best places to feel that old traditional italian spirit.

A city like Palermo, with (very) narrow streets, people who talk out loud, trattorias at each corner and on every alley, hectic traffic and an overall friendliness of everything which sorrounds you – this is something which you can discover in Sicily. Or the old villages in the countryside, the virgin beaches and shores and the most calm and blue sea which you can think of. And many more of the like.

As an overall, it was an amazing experience – just the kind of place you would like to visit all over again. Too bad it was kinda short. And for some more feeling, here is Umberto Tozzi with Gloria – not a typical Sicilian song, but a typical Italian one (yes, there is a huge difference).

And some pictures…

Sicily, Palermo