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Since it’s Sunday, let’s take a while, sit back, relax and enojy the “swing” below.

Black Steel


It’s not new, but I think I’ve never mentioned Tricky on this blog. Tricky is an English guy, producing a mix of Trip hop who, previously his solo career, worked together with Massive Attack. Although the music he makes is usually released under the name of Tricky, he works with various musicians on each album (instrumentalists, vocalists and so on).

His first album, Maxinquaye, was relesead in ’95 and received very positive reviews. One of the tracks I like most from this album is Black Steel. The song is actually a remake of Public Enemy’s single, keeping the same lyrics but with different instrumentals. The voice on this track belongs to Martina Topley-Bird, one of the constant colaborators on Tricky’s albums.