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Le swing


In 2003, In-grid released “Tu es foutu”, which was crap, to be honest. However, the 2010 Vive le swing sounds much better. It’s a rare thing for such a dance song to be on musicblog, but I believe this one deserves it.

Enjoy In-grid – Vive le swing below

Simple Pleasures


Today’s song comes from Kasabian and their 2011 album – Velociraptor. With a Gorrilaz-like sound, it starts great and continues… okish :)

Enjoy Kasabian – Man of Simple Pleasures below. And have a great weekend!



Since it’s Sunday, let’s take a while, sit back, relax and enojy the “swing” below.

La cutari


I wrote some years ago about Natalis , sung in Aromanian language. I recently came upon another song, from a completely different genre, also played in Aromanian. Both of them have an interesting charm – it’s like you know the language, but you don’t understand a thing they say :)

Today’s song, in Aromanian language is Subcarpati (with Mara) – La Cutari. Enjoy!

A cappella


There are many ways to remix / remake a song, sometimes for the better and most times for the worse. But sometimes, it just gives a new dimension to the whole thing. This is what I felt when I discovered this video.

Basically, the Viva Vox choir (from Serbia) made some choral interpretations to popular songs. They had a hit with Du Hast and kept on going. What came out for Prodigy (a mix of songs) is just amazing! See for yourselves below.

heard about it on mixtopia

Coachella live streaming


If you can’t attend Coachella this year, you can still see it live, on their youtube live streaming. As you probably know, the lineup this year includes Arctic Monkeys, DJ Shadow, Gotye, Kaiser Chefs, Kasabian, Noel Gallagher, Pulp, Radiohead, St. Vincent and oh so many others!


Romanian artists


We will start a new category on about Romanian artists. Every now and then I will try to share with you some good music made by Romanian bands. Sometimes, the songs will be in Romanian but I hope the foreign audience of the blog will enjoy them anyhow :)

To start with, let’s listen to Antarctica and their recent single, called “Pase Magice“. The 2009 formed duo (Delia Opran and Ciprian Lemnaru) have already released an album, called Explorers and actually most of their songs are in English. Some of you might know them for playing as an opening band for Morcheeba.

Enjoy Antarctica – Pase Magice below!



Justice, a french band playing electronic music, recently released On’n'on. The song is quite good and it has a rock feeling. Actually, the sound reminds me of Led Zeppelin and I am pretty sure this was one of their inspirations.

Check it out below.



Don’t have much to say about this, but I like it. Hope you enjoy it too!

Listen below to Tidus – Cruisin…

Electric Brother feat Lizzy Parks – Tommorow


Electric Brother is one of the top rated Nu-Jazz / Chill-Out artists in Romania. Since more than 10 years he had numerous collaborations with various artists and has recently released his second solo album, called Pe Pamant.

Even though his solo tracks are not very well promoted, the album is definetely worth buying (from And to get a feeling of it, here is Tommorow.