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Only hours left…


Tommorow is the big event – Rolling Stones concert in Bucharest.

We are going, together with the entire PMO team :) Should be some good fun !

More details about the event here. Congrats to the Events team for the nice effort !

More about R.S. and some tracks I like in this previous post.

Vama Veche going down…


Vama 2007As usual, I began this summer spending most of the weekends at the seaside, in Vama Veche. Last year I have been there about 15 times, I guess and this year it seems to go pretty much in the same direction – just that I found myself no longer satisfied (at all) with the place and everything related to it.

Too much dirt, too many low-quality people and poor music in most places. Stuf is becoming crowded with all sorts of people comming just to get drunk and show-off, B-52 is gone and is replaced by an obscure place, Bavaria is thankfully gone but another similar “thing” emerged close to the former B-52 location and so on. The only places where you can enjoy lately are Expirat (not always nice) and a nice terrace with some skater guys. And Point, recently opened by a friend :)

Even worse is that you can hardly find other to enjoy that much and to resemble the old Vama Veche – there are some but I think I better not mention, I don’t want them to transform like Vama Veche did…

Still, some good thinks discovered lately in Vama Veche – Gulag now sells milkshakes and a nice track I found some weekends ago: Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple.

P.S. Anyway, even so I would never go to Eforie or such :)