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The way models are


A great mash-up, for the weekend :)

Enjoy Kraftwerk vs Timbaland below

A cappella


There are many ways to remix / remake a song, sometimes for the better and most times for the worse. But sometimes, it just gives a new dimension to the whole thing. This is what I felt when I discovered this video.

Basically, the Viva Vox choir (from Serbia) made some choral interpretations to popular songs. They had a hit with Du Hast and kept on going. What came out for Prodigy (a mix of songs) is just amazing! See for yourselves below.

heard about it on mixtopia



Another interesting mash-up comes from D.Veloped. This is a 40 minutes mix of various tracks, spanning through numerous genres. Released 5 days ago on soundcloud, it already got to 9.000 plays. You can listen/download it below.

Mashing it up


During the last years I noticed a lot of good mash-ups were released and the habit of mixing songs together became quite popular. I’ve heard some very good mash-ups being made live, in clubs in Bucharest, like B52.

However, one of the more recent one which caught my attention is Lose south of riverside, by Nerd Kinski. Nerd Kinski is a German mash-up artist with many good mixes. This one though is not so well known – in fact, I believe it doesn’t even apear in youtube searches. It’s embedded here and we are looking forward to your comments on the track.