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74 bands in one picture


A nice picture, featuring 74 artists (click picture for large version)

74 bands

Greece can be nice


Greece can be nice in music, for example: Sirtaki.

And Greece can be nice in pictures also. It really gives the feeling of a land where most of the civilization was born, a land where you can find things which are hard to belive and places which are trully inspiring. Some of them below.

Greece, Meteora

Greece, Meteora

Greece, Islands

Greece, Acropolis

Acropolis, Detail

Will beauty transcend ?


An amazing experiment has been carried out by the Washington Post – they asked a violonist to play some music in a Metro location down in Washington city and analyzed the people reaction.

Of course, nothing strange up to here, it’s quite common specially in the USA to see people playing the violin for change in these kind of areas. Just that the player was Joshua Bell – one of the top violonists in the world, the violin he played was one of the finest  Stradivarius still existing and the plays were some classical masterpieces. The type of concert you would pay some hundreds of dollars to attend was moved down in the streets of Washington to see if the people would realize the difference and recognize the beauty of it all.

So the question was, would the beauty of such music transcend the banal setting of the whole situation? Here is the full story.

Chemical Brothers in RO


2007 seems to be quite a good year for concerts in Romania, as a lot of highly-reputated bands are coming for shows here. One of them will be Chemical Brothers.

The Chemical Brothers are going to have a show in Bucharest on 25th of May, at Sala Polivalenta. I think it’s a good opportunity to hear some excellent electronic-rap-rock combination from the 2 English guys. They are probably some of the best in their area at the time, I would say.

And just to get the spirit going, here is a preview – Hey Boy, Hey Girl single.

You can buy the tickets at, at the price of 85 RON each.

Tapinarii in Art Jazz


After quite a long time since seeing them live, I managed to get in Art Jazz yesterday for the Tapinarii concert. And it was great ! :)

Was quite a different concert from what Tapinarii is usually playing – they played mostly ballads and “rare” tracks – tracks they don’t usually play in concerts. Also, another good thing is that they played for about one hour and a half, which was really worth it.

One of the downsides was the opening act of stand-up comedy by Cristi Dumitru – people who saw him before said that 70% of the jokes were old ones and it is really not funny to hear the same “improvisation” again from the same guy. Also, large ammounts of vulgarity in his show made the whole performance pretty poor.

Comming back to the concert itself, one of the best performances was the “Sfarsit si inceput de lume” song. Awesome song itself, sounds even better live ! You can watch the video here. The audience was also great, a lot of singing along – seems that people really like Tapinarii :)
Overall, congrats guys for an excellent show and looking forward for the new album !