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Imik Si Mik


I’ve heard this song first time on last year’s snowboard trip and I liked it ever since. Hindi Zahra – Imik Si Mik.

The title of the song translates as “little by little”.

First Ride


After the first snow, today was the first ride – in Sinaia. The slope was quite ok, but boring as I knew it. Quite a lot of wind and fog and only 2 rides were possible as afterwards the cable broke down and you could not go up anymore. But it was really nice to go snowboarding in November….looking forward for more.

And a friendly advice to the drivers going to the slopes: get some winter tires, forget about your fancy car, it will be usless in the snow with slicks….:P. You’ll just manage to annoy everybody who will have to rescue and wait for you.

No pictures, unfortunatelly, I was there alone (sadface) and with no camera. Luckily, SHE just bought a ski suit so maybe she will join from now on :D.

First Snow


First Snow of 2007

Last weekend I managed to reach Balea Lake – and it was the first snow of this year! Not too much snow on the ground, enough snow on the street but it was sooo nice to see it again after almost one year.

Damn, I miss snowboarding. Can hardly wait…another 55 days….till then – Snow (Hey Oh!).

Update: Today (12.11) it also snowed it Bucharest, at about midnight. Most likely, next weekend I can go to the first snowboarding of the year ! 

Chillout and Zell Am See


It seems that the weather in Romania is not much favoring the snowboarders nowadays – we don’t have too much chances for snow until mid-December or so.

Still, I am happy that on New Year’s Eve I will definetely be on the board on the nice slopes of Zell Am See. So if you are around this area on New Year’s Eve, just give a sign, maybe we organize something :)

On the other hand, not much time for music these days, with a hectic schedule at work which prevents me from sitting still more than 10 minutes.

I am mostly in a mood for chill-out, and the first song which comes to my mind is Free Bird, again. Excellent guitar, nice lyrics and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

First Descent


Just finished watching the “First Descent” movie – something I’ve been really looking forward some days now, after seeing the trailer. Of course, the movie just amplified my already-high appetite for snowboarding as soon as possible.

I could not say it is an excellent movie per se – pretty dull as a movie if you are not a big snowboard fan, but it is good that it shows both some amazing scenes of snowboard in Alaska and it also takes you through the entire snowboarding history.

Definitely the best moment of the movie was Terje‘s first descent of the 7601 peak – an excellent accomplishment by the world’s best snowboarder. Truly amazing !

Therefore, also the track for today – Foo Fighters – Hell – the soundtrack song for that descent.

Another snowboard track


Looks like I have an obsession these days with finding snowboard tracks everywhere around – probably this is because I can hardly wait for the first snow and the first snowboard ride !

Today, over the radio, a quite-old tune came up, one you surely know – Sono – 2000 Guns. Excellent electro sound, should sound just fine for a nice clean ride on the slope.

[download Sono - 2000 Guns]



Via Dragos I found out about Flipsyde – a US band who is combining Hip-Hop with Rock for a really nice sound overall. They sound great – specially in the not-so-hip-hop songs – and the Someday track sounds excellent for snowboard ! :)

New category – Snowboard


As the summer is officially finished – and so are the every-week escapes to the seaside -, a new target is set: the first snow and the snowboard on my feet.

Thus, the new category, “Snowboard” featuring mostly music to listen on the board. There are 2 articles so far in this category, one of them containing my snowboard playlist from last winter. This year, along with a new board, new music is going to come.

To get it off for a quick start, here are 2 snowboard tracks:

- Me and the Gimme Gimmes – All your lovin’ – a punk band which only singes covers. They sound quite nice and it’s interesting to listen to blues tracks remixed in a punk version. Goes along fine with some speed on the board.

- Authority Zero – One More Minute – a track which I first discovered in a motorcycles video, it combines a rock-punk attitude with some ska sounds. Also a nice thing to listen to for the more relaxed rides and jumping on kickers on the refrain.

Music on the board


This is what I’ve been listening to this Sunday, while freeriding on the board in Poaina Brasov (lot of ice, no powder, except for when Alba took me through the woods :D)

Ten Thousand Fists


This is the name of the latest (2005) album of Disturbed, a not-so-well-known American “nu metal” band.

Now, what the hell is this “nu metal” music? It’s sort of a combination between rap metal and alternative, quite weird, but very interesting for some purposes. Which brings me back to when first hearing about Disturbed, when their music was featured on a long-length video staring some motorcycle (speed) stunts performed by some crazy guys in the States. And the soundtrack was made by Disturbed, and it sounded excellent with those images.

Actually, some of the best versions of their songs are the ones I recorded from that movie, with tires and engine sounds in the back of the song :))

So, Disturbed released their 3rd album, which, even though it’s not very impressive, it’s consistent and it follows the same style they experimented during Believe and The Sickness.

Yeah, if you could listen to music while on a high-speed ride on a bike, Disturbed should be the choice :)