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Some indie for today


Today’s song comes from The Black Keys and their latest album – El Camino. A combination of rock and indie that sounds excellent. I specially like the 70s rock sound that is present on the entire album and even more in this track.

Enjoy The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling below

Heavy Cross


This is strange… this song is quite nice but I cannot really share the video. I do appreciate that anyone has the right to their own image, but I have the right not to share it – that girl is way too fat :). Still, she has a great voice, which is probably the reason why this song makes it here.

Therefore, Gossip – Heavy Cross (lyrics video).

Song of the week(end)


It’s been a weekend with quite some time spent in the car. Driving. And i’ve heard this so many times, it must be the song of the weekend. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Florence + The Machine, this one sounds great.

Enjoy Dog Days Are Over below

Vampire smile


A friend shared this on facebook a couple of days ago. Sounds quite interesting, I particularly like Kyla’s voice.

Enjoy Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile below

Coachella live streaming


If you can’t attend Coachella this year, you can still see it live, on their youtube live streaming. As you probably know, the lineup this year includes Arctic Monkeys, DJ Shadow, Gotye, Kaiser Chefs, Kasabian, Noel Gallagher, Pulp, Radiohead, St. Vincent and oh so many others!


Blue Jeans


Another great song by Lana del ReyBlue Jeans. For the weekend :)

All the Rowboats


Regina Spektor will soon release a new album, called What We Saw from the Cheap Seats. I just managed to listen to the first single, called All the Rowboats and it sounds great, like many of her previous songs do. The piano again plays a central part in the song, both in giving the track’s rhythm and in accompanying Regina’s voice. If the entire album will be like this, it’s a must-have!

You can listen to it below:



Not much to say about Moonlight Breakfast except that they are Romanian and I really like this song.


Paris is Burning


Today’s song comes from St Vincent and is actually the kind of song I am not a big fan of. But this one has something different… the voice, the lyrics, all sound too well together.

St Vincent is the band of Annie Clark, a former band member of Surjan Stevens. She follows the indie genre path and has so far released 3 albums. The first one, Marry Me, features this song I really like, Paris is Burning. Enjoy it below!

Video Games


Youtube sensations are usually very commercial songs (or purely stupid ones, like Rebecca Black’s Friday), but Video Games is quite different. It is a great balad song, quite sad and romantic and definetely a song to be remembered.

Lana Del Rey has already moved on, released a new album this year (Bord to Die) but Video Games remains on our list of favourites. Enjoy it below.